Cyclogenesis is Coming!

Umbrellas, raincoats boots and a trick for you cope with bad weather with style.

Now cyclogenesis, before cold drop and long before the end of summer storms, was called as the case is called is that every year around this time heavy rains occur accompanied by strong winds, high waves and sudden drop in temperatures that lead to autumn. Although never it rains please to everyone, it rains for everyone because of that today the outfits are for men and women. Today I propose four, for these days when the weather changes abruptly and but it isn´t time to get dressed for winter, wind chill is spring.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in an official ceremony under torrential rain. (Photo: Hola)

Comment footwear will be essential, since in this type of rain drops are large and fall hard, not a calm rain. Also we will tour other accessories like umbrellas and hats to talk to you about details that will make these days more pleasant and easier with some tricks.

Louis Vuitton. Umbrella giboulées and Tod´s. Shoelaces. Click to buy

DAY OUTFIT MAN.Umbrellas must be of excellent quality for the winds not be able to bend the rod and leave us with that ridiculous image of an overturned umbrella. Although I write a post about the best umbrella in the world. I’ve selected this pair for men and women that are ideal for any time, but I have chosen for the day outfits and are of excellent quality. This Louis Vuitton umbrella stamped Monogram very discreet presents details like the wooden handle of beech, engraved ring and button opening and matching jacket.

If you work in a company with a very strict dress code I have chosen this Tod’s shoe lace to go very fashionable. While you see it classic laces, prints and studs on the soles of Tod´s can´t be more topical.The color you can see in of countless runways man even casual wear. The finished of the skin you will great for when you get to the office and in a moment you pass a magic sponge to clean shoes, from which everyone should have one in the drawer.

Hackett Trench coat,Paul Smith Hat and Prada Sunglasses. Click to buy

This Hackett trench coat will go great in everything and if you do not like belts, do not know what to do with them. Like you take unbuttoned? It will give a youthful air. Now, watch out for the wind. I advise this hat when the day is with intermittent rain and you have to be in and out. You will always hairstyle despite the wind, nothing will happen if your size and well if you follow the protocol you will go very elegant.

These sunglasses are great because when it rains like we often squint believe it or not, because among the large drops and the wind more than just in our face. Most of you don´t makeup but wink the eyes and yep mobile down the street, you protect the drops in your eyes, even if they fall in the crystals you can clean but have that feeling surprise and unpleasant to distract you and it can lead to an unexpected shock or beep when crossing the street without looking.

Lanvin Raincoat, Hunter Umbrella, Louis Vuitton Wellies and Prada Sunglasses.

DAY OUTFIT WOMAN.I propose an outfit that combines several trends this season: The black and white. A touch of color given by the pink cake and an air 70′ London. Fantastic Lanvin raincoat reminiscent of the 70 cuts on their lapels. Hunter transparent umbrella vivid pastel pink, color totally in, as often worn by ladies of the British Royal Family.

With Louis Vuitton wellies in your possession, you are delighted to rain. They have a very careful design, comfortable and flattering, believe me. An unexpected drop in the eye in addition to bother, if the size of the falling this time, ruins these days even the best makeup water proof, after the you instinctively want to remove, so we always recommend wearing sunglasses. I have chosen these Prada white square frame. The humidity, intermittent rains and maintain impeccable hairstyle are not factors that lead to perfection so I advise this black hat of Stella McCartney (click to buy). Super flattering!

Hackett Trench coat, Dolce Gabbana Shoes and Hackett umbrella.

MAN NIGHT OUTFIT.The outfits for the night that I propose to you are for formal outings, appointments for dinner or to the theater, but not for events where black tie is required.

This trench coat will remain years in your closet, your cut and color will be essential for you.The smooth black laces shoes are a staple for every man, one of the most watched this year’s men’s fashion pieces. A good black umbrella is always something that any man should have in his closet.

Burberry Trench coat, Dior Booties and Hermés Umbrella.

WOMEN NIGHT OUTFIT.This studded trench coat fascinates me from the latest collection of Burberry. In one design combines several trends this year, it is very practical and feels great. These fabulous Dior booties can´t be more fashionable still look great with any outfit and at night even more. I advise you to have a black umbrella in your closet, don´t know when you may need it because it isn´t an appropriate time for bright colors. Therefore I don´t want to miss this opportunity to show you this Hermes who is also foldable.

Marc Jacobs Bag and Louis Vuitton Bag.

BAGS FOR MEN AND WOMEN.Both day and night you will be superbly the Ninja one of the star Marc Jacobs bags, if you want color, they have lowered the web. For any of the outfits will come in handy this year and as always this delicate modern man bag by Louis Vuitton.

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