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Dori Toribio and Daniel Nicols told us last week that the outfits of the Golden Globes Awards this year have been significant changes for better in the outfit of the celebrities. There have been numerous comments on the stories that happened that night like Leonardo di Caprio and Lady Gaga, but less about outfits than other years out of the specialized media.

Helen Mirren, Kirsten Dunst and Lady Gaga.

Taking as an excuse different outfits of that night were both gentlemen and ladies I propose a few ideas for the many events taking place in winter and we have to go. If you believe with all your Christmas have covered your agenda, forget it. It is becoming fashionable to celebrate weddings in winter, numerous acts, each within their condition, that you need to come, the issue is that we do not present until 15 days before the date and appear the classic question: «What  do I  Wear?».

Lingerie Dress. Click for more information

Probably you will not have a «red carpet event», but can that many of our readers may have a presentation at an embassy, formal dining at a friend’s house, etc. And if you have any of these, you will probably have several. Therefore I suggest you buy good designs of premium brands or the second collections of major brands, you can buy more pieces and good. Do not fall for these times when the temptation of consumer brands, is not the time.

Ryan Golsing (Ralph Lauren Purple Label) and Brad Pitt (Brioni) / Gael García Bernal and Ramik Malek (Dior Homme). Click to buy

1.- SUIT. On these occasions there are only dark suit (black, gray, navy blue …), tuxedo or dinner jacket and tuxedo or tailcoat if the protocol required, although today will be set aside for something more remote than i want to show. As examples, say that the full tuxedo (jacket and pants) Hackett can cost about 850 € and while one can Dior from 2300 €.

Elegant Eddie Redmayne (right) / Wiz Khalifa (Dior) / Leonardo DiCaprio (Jimmy Choo)

2.- FOOTWEAR. Although we have seen a thousand times suits with loafers or sneakers, even in fashion shows. Do not ever use a shoe than lace or lace similar to one without them and even slippers, which the purists only be seen indoors. The buckle shoes are casual, my dear. Admittedly, the guests at the Gala Golden Globes were wonderfully well shod. Many for Dior Homme, Salvatore Ferragamo or Leonardo Dicaprio, Jimmy Choo. On their websites you have a huge variety as to meet all occasions but will put some example models.

As I told Dicaprio wore Jimmy Choo shoes , the shoes were  the Penn model.  Suede is not appropriate for a formal act. If you like them, I propose a model of Tommy Hifiger very similar, to match day suits in navy. Click to buy.

Carolina Herrera / Dior Homme / Hugo Boss. Click to buy

3.- COAT. Another important detail is the coat. As I always say to the ladies, at least you must have one coat for these occasions. Leaving aside the issue of cold as you manage them differently from ours … between us, more than once, you have had to need  more than the jacket, I’m sure.

Emma Stone / Kate Winslet / Jennifer Lawrence (Dior Haute Couture). Click to buy

WELCOME DRESS CODE. In most invitations that you receive throughout the year is not usually specify a dress code but it´s  implicitly already said it . How? The time, type of meeting, the place and the treatment that you have been named in  the invitation, among other tracks. When you do not know what to wear, pants can save you. You always must have one Palazzo pants in black and in perfect condition.

For a gala dinner may be the closest thing you have to a red carpet, in which you have indicated you go long so I beg you strongly it is that forget the openings to the groin, impossible necklines, excess of accesories… I’m not exactly a fan of minimalism, but dress according to your age, your height and within your circumstances.

Pronovias ( Left / Right) Click to buy

One of the most played outfits has been to Jennifer Lawrence dressed in Dior Haute Couture SS 16. Today I will take up the cudgels on behalf of the Spanish brand Pronovias and Rosa Clará. They have wonderful dresses at very good prices that will customize you with all dedication and are much admired outside Spain. I well know firsthand what I’m talking about. I know how they work and daily strive to bring up «your dress.» It is nonsense that more celebrities and socialites wear these brands when they could wear couture. In fact, they do in their daily lives, when they please.

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