Holiday: Sarah vs Carrie

Today's post is intended for a couple who goes on a trip without kids, but could be perfectly for friends.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker

The famous Sarah Jessica Parker is an icon of style and elegance that owes much to her role as Carrie Bradshaw. The charisma of the character is such that it was not enough with the series, the audience wanted more and was not enough with two films. It has long been rumored with the possibility of Sex at the City 3. Even she has contributed a few days ago to this rumor with a mysterious message on Instagram.

Sarah Jessica Parker has been working as an actress since age 13 but his role as Carrie – style and elegance – always rise to an interminable heels Manolo Blahnik, although some Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin. Carrie Bradshaw became a benchmark for women around the world, a symbol of independence and freedom.

Sarah Jessica con sus hijas
Sarah Jessica with her daughters

Although he made several roles in both film and theater after and during sex in New York, it is always attached to the character of Carrie, so that she herself has become a style icon, it is partly for this association and stylists who help her on her appearances in designated events, in my personal opinion, since the vast majority of the time you can do with some street style outfits, something more slovenly and careless.

But it is fair to say that if the styles fit well and looks dramatically, knowing take, is for his own label and personal style confused whether to go comfortably scruffy. In real life, she is married to Matthew Broderick with whom she has three children: James and the twins Marion and Tabitha. Currently in teen age, but under 14 years, which is a great time for the examples in this article. Since the collections children reach the 14- 16.

Gabardinas para mujer y para niña, ambas de Burberry. Haz clic para comprar
Trenches Women and girl, both of Burberry. Click to buy

Carrie in the series, generally has no partner or you can not keep a relationship. Throughout the series the theme of the low probability of the encounter between two kindred spirits is that true friendship is the most lasting relationship you’ll find the millennials. This section is for a couple to be traveling wiht or without kids, but could be perfectly for friends.

Carrie married in the film with Mr. Big, – do not tell me it’s a spoiler- and would go well with what I recommend here. Also for Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, without making the super baggage prepared in the second film to go to Abu Dhabi, luckily they go first class and the airline of Sheikh! I can not imagine the excess baggage bill that would have paid uncontrolled disgustazo bags and if you lose or damage any or inside. Not because of the thousands of euros that cost each of the luggage or clothes that go inside but because some of them are real gems. I detail here what could go in your suitcase whether you are traveling with children, like going without it.

Bailarinas y zapatillas, ambas de Burberry. Haz clic para comprar
Ballerinas and slippers, both of Burberry. Click to buy

1. Trenches. The girls are wearing raincoats, one of the most suitable clothes for this time of spring. They are light, harbor but not too wet and avoid an unexpected rain. The’re in a thousand and one colors and designs, but there is a quintessential raincoats brand that is Burberry. Look what I have chosen designs. For women this model is convenient, renovated classic yet timeless. We’ve seen the Queen Letizia with it, newcomer to London for the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Men’s you very much, with other lengths, more designs, more colors all in Burberry’s online store.

2. Shoes. Remember I recommend take two pairs of shoes per person provided. I propose a casual shoe,  sneakers,  ballerinas for girls and for boys moccasins attractive and stylish to change according to time of day or activity that you may have planned.

Sarah Jessica con vaqueros High
Sarah Jessica J Brand jeans. Click to buy

3.   Clothing: Although Carrie does not want children, Sarah has 3, and is a little Carrie with these jeans from J Brand. Here you can see and buy in white.  I have attached a photo of long pants is uncollected for you to see as it has resolved Sarah. J Brand is the favorite brand of jeans Anna Wintour , was born in 2004 with the idea of​​creating a luxury jeans that fit perfectly with the silhouette of the woman while they were comfortable, they have excellent quality, design and finishes.

It was so successful that in 2008 began to man the line creating the first cut skinny pants classic renovated. In 2012 he presented his first collection of ready-to-wear. Designers like Proenza Schouler, Christopher Kane and Simone Rocha have collaborated with the brand. They can be found in more than 25 countries around the world.

Vestidos para niñas de Burberry
Dressed in red and white silk cotton Burberry girls.

Of the countless examples for «less is more», here we have one clear. These girls have surplus pants and one shirt too. Why no one has given them some tights? With the dress and the coat would go great. I propose these burberry dresses for girls who along with the dancers and the trench would with an urban outfit and practical and stylish comfy casual ideal for travel for day trip to explore the city.

Pijama para hombre y camisón de La Perla. Haz clic para comprar
Mens pyjama and nightdress La Perla. Click to buy

4.   Pyjamas. Today we are not going to forget the pajamas or for you or for your partner. When children make a baggage harder you forget to include it. For men there is a great news that many were waiting La Perla has launched its first collection of homewear for men this spring-summer 2015. Coinciding with the 60th anniversary of the firm. I propose any model of the collection as they are stylish and sophisticated, yet you innovative fabrics and cuts. It is impossible to be uncomfortable with this pajama.

For ladies are very well known designs of the same Italian company that has since more seductive and imaginative models to the most comfortable design homewear, with any of the last great’re on a trip and do not take anything in the suitcase.

Funda para el pasaporte Louis Vuitton, llavero de Loewe y monedero Hermès. Haz clic para comprarlos
Case passport Louis Vuitton, Loewe purse and keychain Hermès. Click to buy

5. Key, Passport, Coins. These accessories are so beautiful that only by the desire to see them not you forget to take a last look at your bag to verify that you are not forgotten. Photo: Louis Vuitton. Case passport. Damier collection. Black skin.


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