10 Tips to Survive in the NYFW

Feeling good about yourself is important but there are several rules you have to follow to succeed in the Fashion Week.

Neto Soberanes. 02/10/2015

Photographers on one side, fashionitas on the other… and street style are the pictures of choice when it comes to Fashion Week. How can I start to explain how the most important week of the season for fashionitas all over the world works? Between backstage and front rows here are 10 rules every one should follow in order to keep and maintain your cool on the seasons most hectic yet glamorous week:

Neto Soberanes. (Photo: Lui Val)

#1. Sunshine is a big spot on you. It shows all the mistakes. (AVOID at all coats cheap fabrics, ruined accessories, and dirty shoes)

#2. Don’t match clothes and its own function. Like rain and trenchcoat or snow and moonboot, FORGET IT leave the umbrella at home!

Neto Soberanes. (Photo: Lui Val)

#3. Be careful with black. DON’T put together different tones of black; materials reflect the black in different ways.

#4. Wear just nightclothes in daytime. It is UNEXPECTED!

Neto Soberanes. (Photo: Lui Val)

#5. DON’T carry big bags. (On the front row they hinder the passage)

#6. ALWAYS check the weather. Clothes live in the best context.

Neto 2
Neto Soberanes. (Photo: Lui Val)

#7. SHAPE UP! You must choose outfits fierce and fully shaped.

#8. Pay attention de DETAIL. Even if you think people aren’t watching, a good ACCESORY is worth a thousand words.

Neto 3
Neto Soberanes. (Photo: Lui Val)

#9. EXPIREMENT! Fashion Week is the time of the season you can dress up and none of the others can say anything about it.

#10. CONFIDENCE and a SMILE are a MUST! No matter how tired you are or how crazy you’ve looked when fighting for your cab confidence and smiles are only here to enhance you wardrobe of choice.

Neto 1
Neto Soberanes. (Photo: Lui Val)

Here are some of the looks I wore for #NYFW hope you enjoy them.

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