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We present you the keys to choose the best man bag.

Abel Hernández. 11/01/2016

Ever since I began collaborating with The Luxonomist, the majority of my articles have been focused on women’s bags, the sector that I know most about. However, this accessory is now of equal importance to men, who are increasingly using them to help carry everything they need in their day­to­day lives.

Bolso para ellos en tamaño XXL de YSL. Puedes comprarlo aquí
YSL. Click to buy

Personally, my favorite women’s bags are those that have an elegant style and a touch of the Parisian, as well as sporting some eye­catching colors. With this article, I am going to talk to you from the «bag consultancy», a new term that I have invented.

En piel y con compartimentos. De YSL a la izquierda (compra aquí) y de Gucci a la derecha (compra aquí)
Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Click to buy

So that your bag does not look overly feminine, choose a medium to large­sized one. But how do you know what is considered medium or large? Easy: whatever you consider to be the case. Generally speaking, a medium­sized bag will be between 30 cm and 36 cm, whereas a large bag starts from 40 cm, however, just as I have said, it all depends on your own opinion.

Tipo maletín. De Prada (a la izda), compra aquí; y de Michael Kors (dcha), que puedes comprar aquí
Prada and Michael Kors. Click to buy

One important thing to remember is to choose a leather that is both resistant and long­ lasting, as I am sure that you and your new bag will be on the move a lot. I really like Saffiano leather because it is resistant to scratches, is long­lasting, and is waterproof meaning that you do not have to worry about drinking red wine with your bag nearby.

Los bolsos para ellos, mejor en piel y con correa para poder ser colgados del hombro
Mens bags must be leather

Most bags incorporate a removable strap allowing it to be comfortably carried on your shoulder while you have your hands free. But, watch out! Make sure that the strap has an adjustable pad to soften the load so that you do not end up with a sore shoulder.


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