Elegant and Confortable at Home

Starts the time to be at home watching a movie with a good drink and a blanket. A fancy plan!

Room and receive at home are very different things, today the issue is being at home but with a look that you can receive very informal visits, open the door if you purchase food or anything a home without appearing to come from leading of an anti-establishment group. So this plan, which may not be more informal as an excuse to develop the outfits.

I propose some clothes and some brands which will be beautifully: elegant and comfortable. Personally I wouldn’t like that I received me in an advertising t-shirt or sweatshirt -I don´t care the brand- and any pants, all with a  patina of age that doesn´t add value precisely … Or in your pajama! 

Audrey Hepburn.Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Nearly thirty years ago the journals on trends told us that we started the culture of «cocooning».   I still smile when I remember a text  that was published in that time : «cocooning is not be in a sky sofa with plush slippers checkered».   The big firms in underwear began to multiply rapidly their sales , some were created then. Also home wear lines and premium brands. And in interior decoration appeared alongside the usual magazines, they start to publish unique numbers of fashion magazines devoted entirely to this subject.

Victoria´Secret, fantasy bras
Victoria´Secret, fantasy bras

Underwear moves a year billions of euros not just lingerie lines have home wear collections  for years and this trend is increasing year by year, as sales.  The sector is growing not only with lines for man but because the age ranges of buyers are getting wider at both ends.

The famous Victoria’s Secret no doubt spend more than 15 million dollars in the catwalk who everyone is pending. They find it more profitable, without advertising revenue during the runway, its turnover last year exceeded 5,300 million dollars. The «Fantasy Bra» with more than 1,300 hours of work behind of them,- as some models of Haute Couture- made of gold and thousands of precious stones leave very profitable. So much than this year have been two designs of Fantasy bra of more than 2 million dollar each one. 

La Perla, polo cashmere and silk trousers. Click to buy

We were looking foward to the start of the first collection of La Perla Homme. I proposed a great pajama to wear in suitcase. Now that you are in the second collection are in stores, don´t let of buy any design, consider it an inversion. Not a pajama bottoms, as they are not baggy pants or tracksuit, but a pair for indoors in gorgeous Italian silk. 

La Perla. Blue silk trousers.

The Ermenegildo Zegna jeans is for those who find yourselves very comfortable in them. I’ve chosen because besides being in stretch cotton is a fabric that repels stains, and you’ll always impeccable. Also you can leave home a little while to buy the press without having to change you.

Slippers Dolce & Gabbana and Tod’s loafers. Click to buy

Despite the huge acceptance of  the slippers like evening shoes -black tie-  and even for all hours of the day, their true place are at home. For a couple of years ago voices are raised calling again be a shoe for home but I think that will not be heard. I am in favor of each fashion suits his convenience, but within a few canons and aesthetic boundaries.

These slippers from  crowns and bees by Dolce and Gabanna was showed in Alta Sartoria catwalk collection are a true jewel. I   propose for  home this pair with beautiful embroidered in dark blue velvet. If you are not comfortable in a slippers and want something beyond the best are about Tod´s. You will not be complaining, within these you will go much better than walking barefoot on the sand. Try them.

Wimbleys socks. Click to buy

I recommend you wear socks while you’re indoors. I know what it´s comfy to walk barefoot, but ultimately not good for the feet, and to protect them from unexpected knocking. I chose three pairs of socks that you can get great whatever footwear you choose: For those that you refuse to put you a sock or that you like the look «no socks» I present the most prestigious brand of «no-socks» shall Wimbleys, the web is http://taftclothing.com/The Wimbleys have been tested in all kinds of men’s shoes and have stood the test of no show by any edge of the shoe. They also have an indoor trick on the ground makes them unique and not get moving.

Dolce & Gabbana patterned socks and socks smooth La Perla. Click to buy

The slippers and the pattern of this sock remind me inevitably to David Niven, among other great elegant sirs,and to the prints on silk shirts for classic gentlemen, that some one would say… I have made an example of short socks completely on purpose. These socks by La Perla as you will see are long, you will go with the shoes you wear. You have them in different colors. A stole will always come in handy. As a scarf in a thousand and one way will be great. I propose one of La Perla you can buy by clicking here.

Bulgari. Eau de parfum, white tea. Click to buy

In all my oufits are important perfumes, Bulgari has launched an exclusive line of colognes for men and women, and even household – candles, wipes, and even miniatures courtesy bath, stunning.  I have chosen the one made of Himalayan white tea for its properties and aroma. Himalayan White tea is one of the most exclusive teas in the world, a cup costs $ 20. In the UK it´s come to be sold for $ 400 per kg. This Bulgari cologne is a delicate fragrance with an aroma deep and captivating for those seeking relaxation and a touch of luxury in the privacy of your home.

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