Men´s Haute Couture

The traditional bespoke is what works in men's Haute Coature.

Jean Paul Gaultier. FW 2011-2012

Although some designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana launched haute couture collections for men, it has not yet come to jell a week of Haute Couture as there is for women at least twice a year, the strict sense that the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Haute couture understood as, of course. That is what I mean when I talk about it. What is great  Prêt-à-porter   excellently cared and presented on a fashion show. No longer Prêt-à-porter. 

In 2011-12 collection for FW Jean Paul Gaultier presented a couture collection in which there were numerous models for men. He knows distinguish that is couture what is not, because long ago chose to live only for this and leaving aside other lines. But Gaultier is l’enfant terrible of fashion, always has been and will remain. Who first launched in the 80s the  skirt for  men,  followed in his line out of the norm, between some of the models we  saw Jon Kortajarena with two different models of coats decorated with large bright and feathers in black color.

Dolce & Gabbana. FW 2015-16

This July, Dolce & Gabbana presented a whole collection of Alta Sartoria for man in which he was branded as the waste house in exquisite gilded baroque and fabulous velvet jackets embroidered or brocaded jackets. They presented alligator shoes in bright colors for day and slippers for evening. Long coats and fabolous big buttons and more than showy.

Dolce & Gabbana. Footwear FW 2015-16

Dolce & Gabbana doesn´t forget the fur and even proposed  ermine  in a scarf. Perhaps it has gone fantastically summarizing Anna Wintour in her sentence: In the world of fashion, «always about time too soon If nobody understands if it is too late, everyone will forget…».  It is true that not all pieces of haute couture are made to sell, but to display on the fashion show, to experience, in one word: Art.

Michael Caine with Dougie Hayward.

At the moment what still works wonderfully well is «tailor-made», I do not forget that we are talking about haute couture. Haute Couture is short, creating exclusive items for a customer, tailored specifically to the measures and body postures who will use: suits, shirts, coats and other garments made to measure with the same delicacy that make magnificent specialists of Savile Row, can be considered haute couture.

Anda Rowland, owner of Anderson & Sheppard and the only female director in Savile Row. In front of the file of customer´s molds.

If you have doubts about this affirmation and you think It haven´t considered the work as embroidery, buttoning, more specialized and accurate finishes as Haute Coature, tell me what you think after seeing this photo of uniforms.Gentlemen worldwide who really like to dress well visit Savile Row, everyone has his  favorite  shop, where they understand him best, they provide you the right outfit for this key event and even the right shoes.

Even new generations committed to the English tailors. Just as young women are present in the front rows of fashion shows Haute Couture, them from the five continents no longer go through London and started in «knowledge».

Huntsman. Uniform jackets.
Huntsman. Uniform jackets.

Really a suit whose cut will be perfect during all your  life, is a real investment. It is very well known that September is the January of fashion, or if you fancy yourself needing a change of wardrobe is time to go making plans. I promise an article with the who’s who in the English fashion «lifetime». With  the history of the firms and  where purchase each item, from the socks, shirts and even the «casual» clothes or where ordered the more formal clothes to wear for some event that you have to go. For now I leave an appetizer, you can go to the web Turnbull and Asser is an excellent  haberdashery, they proudly wear the shield of the Prince of Wales who are suppliers.

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