The Mediterranean Gentleman

Swimsuits, cover ups, sunglasses and accessories for the gentlemen of milennials.

Simon Baker for Givenchy's “Gentlemen Only - Casual Chic”
Simon Baker for Givenchy's “Gentlemen Only - Casual Chic”
Simon Baker for Givenchy’s “Gentlemen Only – Casual Chic”

Through the peculiarities of the Mediterranean Sea, culture, beaches … I propose three outfits suitable for all ages and sizes. I speak often about it´s a great idea at least in summer, bear in the trunk of the car or may have provided a bag with swimwear, appropriate footwear, cover up … because probably after a fun lunch or dinner between friends you finish in the pool or in the sea. Today we will dive inside this «mysterious» bag that will get you more than a pinch.

THE BAG: Why not! Louis Vuitton has launched this model Damier collection that has all the Mediterranean sunshine in her yellow. Its size is perfect and takes shoulder.

Bolsa Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton. 45 yellow bag keepall. Click to buy

SOLAR PROTECTION. The body part that requires special attention is your skin. An outfit  – at least mine – wouldn´t be complete without the best line of sunscreen and / or a perfume. This year Shiseido has launched a new   line: Shiseido Wet Force, which increases protection on contact with water. I recommend you try it.

When you buy a sunscreen, don´t buy only the cream for the whole body. We are not in the 60s, solar lines have been invented not only to sell more,  different parts of our body, have different skin types. We understand it when we go skiing and not on the beach.

Shiseido Wet Force. Click to buy

Don´t forget to treat your skin after sun and especially hydrate yourself. Sunscreen must also be physical: A hat like the one I propose will be great. You can save the sunscreen products , comb, perfume … etc. in this practical case  by  Hermès beach. I like these stripes  in the same colors that have the Mediterranean according to their areas and depth. They have captured perfectly. You can choose this case in more colors and sizes, even in the yellow of Louis Vuitton bag.

Hackett hat and Hermès carrying case for beach. Click to buy

OUTFIT 1: THE CLASSICS IN 2015. If there is a brand of male swimwear with character and a fashion icon in this field,   this is Vilebrequin and Moorea model that has already  45 years in the market. Moorea was designed in 1971 by Fred Prysquel in Saint Tropez, the fabric  is made in Spain  and the printing is done in the best workshops in France and Italy. This year they have repeated the same original cuts. Since 1996 exits the collection: «Like father, like son» , the brand propose the same model for adults and children.

Swimsuit Moorea, polo Hackett and sandals Louis Vuitton. Click to buy

A hackett polo is always a good ally, I propose this, classic pattern that evokes the cool days q can happen in the Polo de Barcelona the only area of the world in the middle of a city. In the web and in store you can find  something more daring or more discrete models with retro touch, etc. This year, as usual they have an excellent collection.

Álvaro Arce in his article wrote very clear that they are super trendy. The sophistication of this model of Louis Vuitton may have led them to not call it even espadrilles, but will turn out just as comfortable and complete your look with the same intention.

Hackett towel and Cartier sunglasses. Click to buy

For this outfit, whose theme is the classic you can not miss the Santos sun glasses inspired by Santos Dumont, as the clock, you can see the characteristic screws. The applique in leather gives a very chic and retro  reminiscent of the aviator. The model I chose in brushed platinum, horn and gray lenses have a resounding personality.

How to stop remembering the classic prints that appeared in the summer 50-60 for silk shirts, and are perfectly reflected in this Hackett beach towel. By the way, it comes with a great bag that will serve to put the swimsuit and the wet towel without affecting the rest of what’s in your bag. When you get home you’ll only get this and leave for washing.

Shirt Fedeli and Marcello Morandini swimsuit. Click to buy

OUFIT 2: LAS CALAS ESCONDIDAS. One of the greatest pleasures offered by Mare Nostrum is sailing in summer and discover coves that can only be accessed by sea. Leave the boat at anchor and  discover the place, sunbathing on the beach, it gives you incredible moments of happiness and ask yourself do the things that really matter.

For this, nothing better than a white linen shirt. For artwork, this fabulous swimsuit part of the collection result from of great collaboration of  Marcelo Morandini with Orlebar Brown.

Missoni sandals, Bluemint sunglasses and towel Hermès. Click to buy

These espadrilles will go great. From the Missoni ss 2015, they  concentrated all the luxury and style of the Maison. To complete the outfit, this sunglasses  timber by Bluemint with Italian   glass with 100% protection UV A and UV B, made in Spain of which The brand are  proudly boast on its website, as a symbol of excellent craftsmanship manufacturing, Bluemint deserve a 10! The giant towel Hermes seems especially designed for this outfit and this plan.

OUTFIT 3:  THE PERFECT GENTLEMAN. Perhaps because of the mixture of cultures through so many centuries, but survey after survey, the Mediterranean man wins by a landslide as the perfect gentleman. This year’s star swimsuit model is precisely that Cary Grant wears in this photograph from the film  «To Catch a Thief», taking a bath in the blue waters of the Mediterranean coast, facing the Promenade des Anglais in Nice.

Cary Grant and Grace Kelly in To Catch a Tief . 1955 Alfred Hitchcock. Luca Roda swimsuit. Click to buy

If there is an icon of style and elegance in the collective imagination for generations and genres, this is Cary Grant  of English origin , like Hackett, Bluemint and Orlebar Brown. So Mediterranean and English as Menorca in the eighteenth century.

In Bluemint  and  Orlebar Brown  you can get the height of luxury: «bespoke» in swimsuits I leave to your choice the pattern, if you put your mind have a unique and unrepeatable model, like you. In Orlebar Brown they will also make   poles and shirts tailored. But if you’re into fast solutions on the web are more models.

Orlebar Brown swimsuit, sandals Hermes and Dolce & Gabbana glasses. Click to buy

Hermès has designed these great sandals in various colors, I have chosen the white. Aviator sunglasses by Dolce & Gabanna in blank will  highlight the tan of your skin, and give you a sophisticated and very masculine style. The outfit will be complete with this linen shirt by Hackett, very comfortable cut.

Hackett linen shirt and Hermès towel. Click to buy

The towel stamped as classics carrés by Hermès , are great and give a touch of color. This, with anchor chains  of has a very masculine look.

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