Tom Ford: The Perfection

 Today I propose you a black tie  outfit based on each of the different professional facets of Tom Ford , current true Renaissance artist.

Tom Ford. (Photo: Click for more information

Tom Ford is essentially Art, discipline, Universitary, cultural, professional and cosmopolitan  formation , entrepreneurship  , high level intellegence in all the fields: intelectual, emotional , and social. Geniality, perfection and perfectionism.  Only by his geniality could to be counted between the masters of : Fashion, Photography and Cinema.

This bracelet in gold and black crocodile leather, it´s for me the luxury (by materials, design and finished). The reinvention of new ways of using gold and crocodile that transcendence over time because it has been designed according to a strongly formed personality that only follow his inspiration channeled by his own life and career and therefore creates unique pieces that don´t look like anything or anyone. As is the Art and true artists: Multidisciplinary.

Pulsera Tom Ford. Haz clic para comprarla
Alligator and gold bracelet , Tom Ford. (Photo: Tom Ford) Click to buy

If there is a garment or an outfit typical by Tom Ford , who no one make like him, this is the Tuxedo or the Dinner Jacket  and the bow tie in their different versions. You don´t need have an special occasion to wear it. You can wear it when you need formal code to dinner at home with friends, fabulous cigars, drinks and talking late into the night. Could you imagine a better plan? These Tuxedo are so comfortable! Do you remember  David Niven  in «The Pink Panther»  wearing a red velvet Dinner Jacket? Or lot  of films about British upper class . Tom Ford has reinvented  in an awesome way the dinner jacket in velvet, colors: red wine, electric blue, dark blue, even in silk -plain or printed- authentic  wonderful  pieces.

The Dinner Jackets from the f-w 2015 are fabolous! But for this Summer buy one piece at least from ss 2015 like this one I propose to you. At Tom Ford´s website you have even the ss 2016.

Smoquin Tom Ford. Haz clic para ver la colección
Tom Ford Dinner Jacket in red velvet. (Photo: Tom Ford) Click to view the collection

About the Tuxedo in Navy blue, I always remember when in the second version of «The father of the bride» film , the father buys a replica (I hate them, it could be totally eradicated)of an Armani´s Tuxedo, and he asks for help to the wedding planner. The wedding planner says that he hasn’t navy blue thread.

  • Father of the bride: «Armani, never will make a navy blue tuxedo»
  • Wedding planner: «And not working the polyester»

Well, Tom Ford makes colored tuxedos, but «Deo Gratias» doesn’t work the polyester! Never!

Camisa, pajarita y gemelos Tom Ford. Haz clic para comprar
Shirt, bow tie and cufflinks Tom Ford. (Photo: Tom Ford) Click to buy

No one makes the bow ties like Tom Ford. Categorical, clear, without  complex.  So different each other! Only for men who   aren´t  ashamed of their sense, sensibility and they combine these to the perfection with the high capacity to hard work. Long life to XXIst Century!

The dinner jacket won´t be completed without this sublime white shirt   with delicate chest pressed pleats. Following with the cinematographic references, if there a saga where we can watch tuxedos, parties, fabolous suits, outfits and so on is James Bond, the 007 Agent to the service of Her Most Gracious Highness. Tom Ford have intervened in  the last Bond (Daniel Craig) in Quantum of  Solace he made 40 suits for Craig and in Skyfall (the James Bond film   highest grossing ) designed suits and even jewelry.

Zapatos y gafas Tom Ford. Haz clic para comprar
Tom Ford shoes and glasses. (Photo: Tom Ford) Click to buy

I propose you complete the outfit with this wonderful jewelry in  onyx and brilliants. The cufflinks that was designed by Tom Ford for James Bond (Daniel Craig) in Skyfall,  were auctioned at Christie´s, they were round black enamel and Bond motto: » Orbis non sufficit» (The World never is Enough).

Tom Ford walks with a firm  step  in cinema world . I think , perhaps he wore this shoes in one of the events in Cannes where he has got  20 millions of American dollars for the worldwide distribution of his second film: «Nocturnal Animals». Like Peter Schlessel -CEO of Focus- said: «Tom Ford is the kind of  filmmaker who we want in this business» , six years later of his first film: «A single man» , he conquered and captivated the buyers with the dramatic presentation  of the new film.

Valla publicitaria que ha causado revuelo en Londres
Billboard that has caused a flutter in London

Other of iconic Tom Ford pieces are the fantastic glasses and sunglasses. I´ve selected this in pink gold, with the characteristic bridge  front designer of Tom Ford. Tom Ford optical and sunglasses collection are product of the practically invincible alliance between Marcolín and Tom Ford since 2010 to 2022 at least.

Tom Ford also excels in the field of photography, like Karl Lagerlfeld, immerses himself in conducting advertising campaigns and any image that affects both their products and make other pictures and footage. Lately there has been controversy in the presence of a billboard in a particular district of London. The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) has ruled in favor of Tom Ford saying that the image is not explicit or likely to offend the majority.

Tom Ford, tratamiento anti fatiga
Tom Ford, anti-fatigue treatment

The «savior of Gucci» as he is known turns to gold everything he touches but as he says, «can be more creative designers than I  , but working so much». Nothing falls through the chimney, only soot. To be impeccable despite the hard days of work, it has a line of fabulous beauty. I´ve selected for you  the anti-fatigue eye treatment.

As any intelligent person has a great sense of humor, a touch is his comment when he picked up this year’s CFDA Award 2015 for best male designer: «I am very happy that there is life even after a reward for a lifetime.» For this award last year. Many things are in the pipeline as their relationship with Yves Saint Laurent when he was Creative Director of the firm when  them was bought by the Gucci group. How was the resurgence of Gucci. The creation of the signature Tom Ford. Its impressive collections. Celebrities who wear their designs. His taste for architecture. But  with Mr. Ford you can never ends of telling all what he does.

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