Elegant and Very Warm Gloves

The latest news about chic and really warm gloves.

While in Spain probably we will have a smooth winter , the rest of the world are starting to notice temperatures typical of this time and what is often worse, windchill because of we perceive much colder than objectively ago. Mysteries of meteorology.

Karl Lagerfeld utiliza guantes la mayor parte del año
Karl Lagerfeld Haute Fourrure. Gloves.

Scarves, shawls, hats, caps and gloves sweeten our lives outdoor and make more elegant our looks.Today I’ll tell you about gloves. Elegant and warm because it’s possible! You will not have to wear ski gloves, that don´t match with all outfits. And I’ll give you a couple of tricks that you who love The Luxonomist take advantage.

Chanel and Sermoneta. Click to buy

Gloves must be lined with pure wool, the composition of the liner must be 100% cashmere or merino wool.The blend compositions are not adequate, (except once tell you at the last moment) synthetic fibers that are mixed into the fabric support worse cold temperatures and frost, making the interior feel is uncomfortable, even moisture and rigidity. Is so unpleasant that wish to take them off!

Santacana Leather gloves lining 100% merino wool and 100% fox cuff/ Glove with leather bow/ Glove 100% merino wool lined with ruffles and polka dots cuff./Lined glove 100% merino wool knit wrist.Click to buy

Santacana in Madrid is in my opinion one of the best manufacturers of gloves. Founded in 1896, with a spectacular models of high quality and design, with a very wide color chart that you can see here. Marilyn model by The Italian firm Sermoneta Gloves, is lined in cashmere- Our CEO Pilar Garcia de la Granja wears its in the latest connection with the Pedro Piqueras News.

Nuestra directora, Pilar García de la Granja, con guantes
Our CEO Pilar Garcia de la Granja wears Sermoneta Gloves in the latest connection with the Pedro Piqueras News.

You can find them in lambskin or rabbit fur lined. Lambskin lined: I do not know if you’ve tried the very comfortable UGG boots, on the other hand highly controversial in Fashion world. Objectively they are very warm and comfortable. The liner is the same type of UGG boots lined with lamb, imagine! Lined in rabbit fur are very hot. Only if your hands freeze to spectacular levels because I assure your hands can sweat. Not allowed for those who have this problem.

JB Guanti sheepskin lined gloves / JB Guanti gloves lined with rabbit fur.Click to buy

There are some models that I’ve loved for its versatility. The furred mittens with leather in palm. Besides the super exquisite Loro Piana, are two brands who manufactured with quality: Guanti and Gp luxe. Ideals. The only downside: They mitten design it´s only for those who do not have to manipulate much inside the bag, the phone, the keys, or are very skillful.

Just as there are models of mittens with one of them wihtout fingers overlapping a glove, that can be used used together or separately, I suggest another option with gloves.

Loro Piana Cashmere and mink mittens / Guanti Rabbit fur mitten.Click to buy

The size you must choose when buying a glove should always be at least one or a half than you really need to make them more comfortable (always ensuring that are not too large, but loose). To use a glove on top of another, the trick is use the glove that will be inner in your real size and the one that will be overlapping in one or a half size larger. The gloves used for the inside layer should be of high quality wool but thin, cashmere are the best because it is thinner and softer. Above you can use another model of gloves lined in 100% wool. The cold will keep away from you.

Santacana glove merino wool and angora /Santacana. Leather glove lined in 100% merino wool.Click to buy

This trick is handy not only if you are very chillyalso if you live in one of these cities where you should go with a suitcase all day, because of the weather changes throughout the day.

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