Hands to the head, withheart

You're girlfriend invited or attend a summer festival, headgear make a difference in any style, especially if they are unique.

Mamen Rodrigo. 28/05/2015
Colección A/W 2015, Paloma Delgado
Colección A/W 2015 Paloma Delgado
Collection A/W 2015 Paloma Delgado.

The least seasonal accessory that exists is the hat; it’s always time to wear it. Spring, summer, fall and winter allow multiple possibilities for the head, and, at the same time, life events allow us to display endless possibilities. Each creation can be different, and a key factor in the construction process of a look.

Be you bride or guest, may you be attending a summer party or thinking how you are going to face the upcoming fall from the top, hats and headdresses mark the difference in any styling, especially if they are exclusive. If you have the possibility of someone creating a piece around your personality, listening to you, advising you and putting at your disposal the best materials, ready to créate.

Tocado Paloma López
Paloma Delgado Headdress. Click for more information

The famous anglo-american lawyer and writer, Louis Nizer, known as “the lawyer of celebrities” would repeat that “he who works with his hands is a hand worker; he who does it with hands and head is a craftsman, but he who works with hands, head and heart is an artist”. The creators of hats, headdresses or bride crowns do a craftsman’s job.

They make each model stand out with their own identity and they are capable of linking each of their creations to a personal story: the designers of these complements use more than their hands and head, they use all their heart, detail by detail, and of course, on each and everyone of their clients. They represent, at the same time, the oldest hat guild and the art of crowning century XXI it girl’s heads.

Tocado de novia Paloma Delgado
Paloma Delgado Headdress. Click for more information

As craftsmen, they are part of history, as artists they know that each of their creations is a small work of art that will transform and make happy who is wearing it because it has been molded with the hands, but also with the heart.

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