How to Identify an Imitation Handbag

We give you some tips so you know when you're at a counterfeit or a genuine accessory.

Abel Hernández. 07/12/2015
El tacto, el olor o el interior te ayudarán a identificar un bolso 'verdadero' de uno falso

Would you know how to tell apart an authentic, legitimate handbag from an imitation one? It’s sometimes difficult to identify the differences because nowadays there is an expanded counterfeit market that works at imitating every detail exactly, although it’s true that the same quality can’t be imitated.

Rechaza imitaciones. Compra aquí un verdadero Birkin de Hermès
Buy here a real bag Hermès

In countries that produce an abundant amount of merchandise, such as China, there are concentrations of clandestine workshops where these illegal practices are carried out. Aside from the difference in quality, there are some other features that allow us to identify genuine handbags from imitations.

A la izda, cierre de un LV verdadero. A la dcha, el falso, más oscuro
To the Left, closing a real LV. Right wing, false, darker


  • The handles are usually made from imitation leather, and the rib trim is irregular.
  • They give off a stronger smell.
  • They normally come wrapped in plastic.
Los cierres de LV son inimitables. Y su logo, siempre
Los cierres de LV son inimitables. Y su logo, siempre


  • The stitching is generally clean, finely produced and in soft colors.
  • They give off a natural leather smell.
  • They usually come in dust covers made from silk, microfiber, etc.


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