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Best Wallet Innovation in Four Hundred Years

The Luxonomist. 13/05/2015
Broxton Designs
Bronxton Designs.

Did you know the wallet has been around for four hundred years? In the 1600s, the invention of paper money prompted the creation of the wallet. The first wallets had a place to store cash and a small pocket to carry IDs. Since then, wallet designers have strived to balance design, functionality, and sleekness. Even four centuries ago, people wanted slimmer, lightweight wallets—it beat the drawstring purse made from horse or cow leather.

The invention of the credit card in the 1950s gave rise to the modern wallet with its multiple slots to carry cards. Until 1996, wallets remained unchanged until the development of the first evolutionary bi-fold wallet, which reduced the bulkiness of its predecessors by nearly half its size.

Since the turn of the century, wallet designers have worked with a wider variety of shape, size, color, and materials. These changes made the wallet more fashionable and unique, but didn’t improve functionality. Many wallets have numerous pockets that are great for storing necessary items, but can also allow people to accumulate a lot of junk very quickly. That’s where Broxton Designs comes in, with the best wallet innovation in four hundred years.

Here at Bronxton Designs, we eliminate clunkiness by creating wallets that are minimalistic, fashionable and, most importantly, functional—and we do so in a range of styles. Our focus: design accessories that help you carry all daily essentials in true minimalist style. We develop two types of leather wallets: the «1222 Rule» wallets and the Stasher wallets. The 1222 Rule wallets carry the recommended essentials: one ID, two credit cards, two insurance cards (car and health), and two$20-dollarbills for emergencies.

Broxton Designs 3
Empty bi-fold vs Loaded slim tri-fold (PRNewsFoto/Bronxton Designs LLC)

The Stasher wallets are for people who, due to their jobs, need to carry more than the recommended essentials or who can’t fight the urge to collect things. Don’t worry, we have solutions to help you, the not-so-minimalist, keep a low profile, too.

We use only full-grain leather from the best tannery in the world, Horween, which has supplied quality leather hides for over 110 years. Working exclusively with Horween leather has helped us create a reputable, long-lasting product. Take a peek at our designs currently funding on Kickstarter at We’ve had three successful Kickstarter campaigns since 2014 and have been chosen as Kickstarter Staff Pick.

Broxton Designs 2
Bronxton Designs (PRNewsFoto/Bronxton Designs LLC)

All of our products are manufactured from beginning to end inPark City, Utah. We have full control over design, testing, quality control and customization. By supporting Bronxton, you are supporting American jobs and a local economy.

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