Amal Clooney Faithful to Bellagio

The new wife of George Clooney travels always perfect. He is faithful to a style and a brand of bags ...

Amal Alamuddin-Clooney
Amal Alamuddin-Clooney
Amal Alamuddin-Clooney

Amal Clooney travels a lot for her innumerable professional and social commitments. It is true to her game suitcases, specifically the Bellagio Italian house Bric’s line. Virtually all the pictures you see theirs at an airport you will see them.

The Bellagio line is the perfect example of Bric’s philosophy, «Bags trip stylish and functional, with all the attributes to ensure maximum comfort for the modern traveler.» It has a certain sophisticated and retro style.

Amal en varios momentos con sus maletas Bric´s
Amal at various times with their suitcases Bric’s

The elegance of the inserts in vegetable tanned Tuscan leather is combined with the high technology of the housing made of polycarbonate that guarantees maximum shock resistance and scratch and extremely lightweight. Each piece is reeplazable in case of breakage or wear.

It is very noticeable when traveling for work that is usually perfect for the occasion. Look at the photographs about her in airports. It has provided any problem delays in the schedule of planes and did not get time to go through the hotel before arriving at the meeting. So it is wearing a comfortable travel but great for working dress.

Vestido de
Burberry dress, sunglasses Tom Ford and Louis Vuitton shoes. Click to buy

This dress is a couple of seasons ago, now we can replace this Burberry Prorsum dress in silk printed in cherry pink color, they are from size 34 to 46 or 4 to 16 in USA  !. Sunglasses play a very important role in the journey, rest your eyes from the various changes of light will suffer for it and even help you relax so you arrive fresh as a daisy. There are plenty of models. Glasses and shoes are a irresitible temptation! So I advise you to buy a very personal, they say a lot about you.

Glasses and shoes in the vicinity of an airport have another thing in common, the thinks you’re gonna have to get on and off several times, so do not use complicated or very delicate, as excessively thin pins, ornaments that hook Shoes that have to fasten and unfasten with difficulty, etc. As you can see in the picture, Amal brings cutting room shoes with a heel of maximum 8.5 mm in navy blue. I propose for this outfit Burberry Prorsum this model of Louis Vuitton with rounded toe and female golden cubes motif inspired by the historic Louis Vuitton Damier canvas in gold.

Dior bag, Logitech keyboard and flat shoes Giuseppe Zanotti. Click to buy

Amal usually always carry a bag or purse as a milliner, here we see a pattern in red skin, in other photos you will see it with bags that. Such bags are not comfortable unless lean on the counter to open and everything is perfectly compartmentalized also always weigh too much and being rigid not conform to the shape of many things we have to get. I do not advise at all. The best is a big bag that weighs little, with some compartments and closing. This shopping bag in black fabric reinterprets the iconic stitching «Cannage» Dior.

We also recommend some dancers to rest your feet as you travel and Logitech keyboard to finalize your presentation work during the flight. Do not forget to take a jacket for temperature changes. I recommend a cardigan model of Max Mara Palermo you can buy by clicking here.

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