Catwalks Trends and Real Women

The new trends for F/W 15/16 presented by top brands in real size of their collections.

Adele. Foto: fondosdivas

I´m extremely angry with the fake before and after Adele. As if we didn´t have enough with eating disorders in a clear rise despite campaigns at all levels, including the world’s fashion increasingly involved  and they have sprinkled it terribly, she appears with a photo retouched from a fault of years and they tell us that she has lost an awful lot of pounds in a year, when in fact they were about 65 in many  years and she still is a plump woman.

Adele con vestidos negros de Burberry y rojo estampado de Valentino
Adele with black print dress Burberry and Valentino Red

Precisely Adele, who cares a lot, -with more or less success, according criteria- to follow the latest runway trends, which have seen more than once with a personalized Dior Haute Couture, like so many models, such as Barbara Tfank and she, who know what  imitated is  even her way of makeup… I don´t understand her. It’s okay to be plump, have your curves, your little things here and there. I wrote it and I say many times: The ideal size is the one you have at this time. There are plenty of reasons, some of them very serious to keep you in that size.

Marina Rinaldi. Dress in pink sequins and feathers.

If you think it’s impossible to get join the trends you see every year in the journals with the size you have or see the catwalks of haute couture or ready-to-wear as a mere show of impossible looks totally unrealistic in the article today I want to convince you that it´s not and also I propose a few of excellent quality brands whose normally consider beyond size 6 (USA)or 10 (UK) in its collections. But this would be nothing for the life of every day, we will see great brands that reach even up to size 62. Of course all it guided by the latest trends presented in the most prestigious catwalks of the world such as Paris, Milan, London, New York, Madrid …

I’ll tell you more, the sales figures of large sizes are increasing every year. There is greater demand and large firms have long had this issue on the table, each in its own way how to deal seriously projected from different -economic, creative, etc departments-. Think  that a low cost firm as Mango, last year exceeded its sales forecast of  € 50,000,000. So this is just something beyond the principle is a beautiful path in which new lines of big houses, new firms and many pleasant surprises appear.

Marina Rinaldi dressed in yellow ocher and dressed in black and gold Jean Paul Gaultier HC 2015/2016.

This dress by Marina Rinaldi has a very interesting feature, the sleeves can be removed and replaced as you wish. I want to avoid the typical black dress  to go for meals, cocktails and presentations. With a bolero in black and   the right accessories you can get a suitable outfit for the occasion. Please,  forget prejudices about gold and glitter, at least this season are  irrelevant. There are even in 60-62 Spanish and French size. On the web you can see the size conversion for UK and USA.

I enclose picture of one of the models in the collection of Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture for you to see that the color scheme can not be more topical and because what we see on the runways today is brought to the last store of low cost in this globalized world. I’ll tell you more, will be present in stores more seasons than you think, something that at first glance you think: Who would be able to wear this? You can tell me Gaultier is l’enfant terrible and he is dedicated since some years to the haute couture only years and because of this he doesn´t live in the real world. No, look at his years in the difficult fashion industry and his sales figures and see if he is  in reality or not.

Burberry, fringed ponchos.

Do you remember the poncho by Burberry last year? That was unthinkable that you could find because it was sold-out? This year I have  the impression that the same thing will happen with this model and if you can even get a version of the same model that is not available online, the better it´s contact the store. There are designs more sober, and even serious but this is what all the fashion ladys in the  planet   will want when cold weather arrives.

Not a poncho anyone, it design enclose in a single design several key trends from this year: First, the fringes, generous, boho marked, the layer and floral pattern. 

Max Mara dress pink suit and Marina Rinaldi green shirt dress.

This pink dress by Max Mara  – up to size 50 France- has a very modern air to sixties. It´s also ideal for pregnant by the cuts and the extent of the flared skirt. Play with accessories and you´ll be perfect for a  morning wedding or for the office. Remembering Yves Saint Laurent in the 70s, who was the first designer who introduced the shirtwaist dress  on the runways , I show you  this Marina Rinaldi.

As you can see this season are very important new colors. I guess you’ve already noticed the shoes you’re seeing in the pictures are not chance, as we talk  in the previous postfashion in  footwear  have  completely changed.

Lace dress with flowers in relief of Adolfo Dominguez.

You will see flowers everywhere. Of every size and condition. One class or different classes mixed in the same room or in the same outfit. In boho prints, seventies, very new or very classic design. This dress by Adolfo Dominguez AD reaches the size 54, combines several trends of this year that I think are fundamental to highlight because of this I also attached a detail of the fabric.

On the web you can see it in detail. First, the flowers. Two, other very important details are the mixture of textures and burgundy, other of the star colors this year.

Blue leather pants Max Mara and outfit with leather leggings, black jersey, fringed bag and boots also of Max Mara.

Not to say that not going to use any tight pants but leave the skinny forgetting to make way for other models of wider thighs, in all kinds of widths and shapes you can imagine. Although no one knows better than you that the key to any clothing is choose the one that suits you in the right size.

I want you to see this fantastic leather trousers Max Mara (up to 50 Spanish and French size). The brands that I used to put examples here have their webs plenty of   models that the common denominator of mortals would call as skinny and even  leggings to go further. Specifically, Max Mara has a model of leggings in her current collection in leather and elastic fabric that I love, not only for the pants but the whole outfit with which it presents. (pictured above right). 

Palazzo pants in velvet Armani and wide pants Marina Rinaldi.

Among the variety of designs, I highlight one that I love and the one makes me  remember a pleasant conversation in London in which real women, workers and entrepreneurs of all types and ages- -condition surprised asked me why the model was so forgotten if Armani – it was the benchmark that they had – makes it brilliantly well and the design is  comfortable, very elegant and versatile. They were right. I mean the Palazzo, is ideal for work, a formal occasion and even dinner. Look at your stretch wool primed fabric so new and slightly silvery appearance. It isn´t  just a boring gray pants. Like all models of Marina Rinaldi, reaches the size 60-62 Spanish and French.

Marina Rinaldi. Blue Jeans.

But if you desire a stretch pants and  you don´t   think you can put this model because you not find anything   you convince. A blue  jeans as you had long since you wear  and  feel wonder like who were the queen of your runway .. Eureka! Marina Rinaldi has a variety of models that will make you lose your mind for a moment, it is one of those pleasures that life offers you! Look at them, admire them and cómpratelos! You can afford it, they have a great price and they are fantastic. It will be a pleasure hear from you telling me how glad and happy you feel.

Shirt with black ribbon as decoration in Marina Rinaldi’s neck and shirt with lace around the neck of Max Mara.

A new trend (is back) the black ties at the neck, mainly black satin ribbons round the neck or close and bows and ties on shirts and even dresses. You can visit the website of Max Mara and see the proposals as varied offering. I selected this model you also have in black because the loop is as I like: large, with art, rotunda. 

Marina Rinaldi trench coat and Burberry scarf. Click to buy

About fur coats: short, long hair colors in many shapes and designs submitted this year, in which we can´t not let of comment on the awesome  Karl Lagerfeld ´s fur coats  for Fendi. Consider that we are in September and a trench coat   and a silk or cashmere scarf have more than enough for the first autumn  rains and fall in temperature.

This trench coat by Marina Rinaldi is a perfect example of what I want to say.  To complete the outfit, one cashmere scarf with floral print bohemian by  Burberry will be great. I chose the scarf in orange cadmium although you can find it in various colors on the web. Orange always gives energy but also the cadmium this season is highly topical.

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