Coats of Transition

Where do the coats go in the spring? I hope that they go to the cabinet of    all elegant women.

The so-called transitional coats are these who have always called «halftime». Before they end sales and that finish with your  budget should definitely consider buying one. Now is the perfect time with enough items for next season.

The haute couture collections have told us long coats and jackets even to the ankle. They have been presented in Paris not on another planet and are for this spring summer. Leaving aside the spectacle of the Haute Couture, Fashion is an industry that moves billions of euros every day and it’s not because they do not connect with the consumer.

El ante y los chaquetones cortos, un acierto para la próxima S/S 2016. En la fotografía, varios de Loewe
Loewe S/S 2016.

I want to banish the idea that buying halftime clothes is an absurd spending. Nothing is further from reality! Not only I do rely on my own experience, which believe me, is great. But in actual studies that have been done. Since sales of which you spoke not improvised. Behind, there are a number of professionals among which there are not only creative and artisans but wise economists who know what collections have to spend much and hardly a pin moves without his opinion. The study concluded that I was talking about most days do warm average temperatures, so it is news when cold snaps or heat.

By observing the street style you realize that padded coats have invaded the closet of all ages. I agree they are comfy that weigh nothing, even suit jackets suits and actually removed the cold. It has also become a small space for fur coats. But when spring begins to be felt will not go at all appropriate to them and need the halftime coats, the jackets and vests.

 Max MaraYSL. Click to buy


They will  play an important role. This year also left me completely fascinated long mink vests. There are a thousand ways to wear leather and suede. Although this year the black leather is super trendy, I encourage new techniques to treat the skin, printed and metallic finished , not leave aside, forget about «classic» is always better a good garment with a personal touch that identifies you, in your personal characteristics, of course. Stop being afraid of suede, you just need a good dry cleaner in which they honestly know how treat it.

Burberry S/S 2016. Click to buy


Depending on the composition of the wool that is made cloth coat and weigh it will house more or less. I’m talking, of course, coats of top quality, so I mean pure new wool, angora and cashmere. In 2009 Anna Wintour decided, after watching the parade for fall winter Prada to change the composition of wool jackets them and to add silk  them instead of wool because she had seemed so heavy . Said and done.

I tell you this little story so that if you see the composition of the cloth some shelter also wool includes silk do not be surprised or think that corresponds to the liner (if not specified), and so you know that coat weigh less and it will house no less -ideal for «trans» coats – because silk isolated enough.

Max Mara / Burberry / Burberry. Click to buy


Surely this is the time. There are truly wonderful and increasingly, because although we have had an atypical winter during which we have not stopped social events, if there is a time of choice for these is the spring – summer.

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