Do you dare to break the rules?

The swimsuit is a whole declaration of aims.

Lourdes Delgado. 23/06/2016

We are thinking of the outfits that take this summer to the beach and the pool is a good time to ask ourselves break the rules when it comes to swimwear is concerned. I wonder about the image offer women in bathing suits. Do we manifest our identity? I think that we are not aware of the weight in most cases the swimsuit has to defining the rationale staff.

bikini 2
The body we see is the result of the life of each, from experience, and personal history.

Gabriel Tarde (1904/2012) defined in the laws of imitation «The imitator exercise always requires an example from the top.» This principle underlies the role of celebrities in the dissemination of certain models of women. Yves Saint Laurent said «the word seduction has replaced the word elegance. This is more than a way of living that dress.» Moneyron (2006) stated that the imagery of fashion reveals the orientations of society in its relations with the world and with, and on the other hand, in the relationship between the sexes and sexuality.

bikini 3
The swimsuit is a whole declaration of aims.

It also defines the anthropological needs of the moment. In a recent study (Delgado, 2015) on the image of women in the community of fashion blogs a popular magazine of the 73 images analyzed, there was a protagonist image 72, predominating the frame of the body in 55 of them. At the other end stood the absolute absence of a woman linked to home and family or aggressive. And there were only sensual or provocative images in 5 cases, and in 4 the half-naked body.

Lourd 4
As Yves Saint Laurent said, «The word seduction has replaced the word elegance».

These data are good news for the start of the season. I often like to remember in the media the special obligation to preserve and defend the image of women and implement Title III of the Equality Act of March 22, 2007, dedicated to the media.

Lourd 2
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In it are urged to ensure especially to not broadcast images that reinforce stereotypes of women, which can be considered as a pending issue. My advice is that we dare to break the rules of the tendency to be ourselves. And defending the authentic identity.

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