Go on a Luxury Cruise

Fill your suitcase with the new collections and go in search of the sun that has forgotten the northern hemisphere.

There are still big brands that continue present the cruise collections, despite the enormous work involved in uploading a single piece to the catwalk. Today I want to pay a small tribute to these people who leave their skin and life in a wonderful profession for which a great vocation is required or you will not last even a week. Indeed, these collections were born to dress the clients who in the middle of the season went cruising in search of more appetizing climates or simply because they wanted a vacation in a different place than they lived.

According to the activities that you will develop in your trip, so you must pack.

But once created a new use arose and is to dress the halftime and cover the closet of people who move in areas where the temperature does not have great changes between the different seasons. According to the activities that you will develop in your trip, so you must pack. I suggest that you wear basically comfortable clothes and that does not wrinkle, so you do not complicate anything, as well as clothing for dinner and bathing suits with tunics or dresses for sunbathing on deck, sailing days. Do not forget the complements, the pajamas or nightgown, the right shoes and the rest of accessories.

Corto de CArolina Herrera o largo de Oscar de la Renta. Espectacular en ambos casos
Carolina Herrera New York resort. Dress with bows / Oscar de la Renta. Long dress embroidered with pearls

The dinners.
Usually the time to embark is in the afternoon and the first activity you will have will be dinner. You have all the type and condition but you must go well dressed, nothing to wear a tourist look even if it is from pret a porter of a great brand. That’s why I’ve put the two photographs so you can see between what wide range of possibilities you’ll have to move.

Un chal
Chanel. Always wear a shawl / Chanel. Bag from Cruise collection

Depending on your interests, you may even want to venture into nature in addition to visiting some cities. Consider in addition to your comfort the local customs and the protocol of the Country that you visit so as not to offend anyone or reach anything more serious. Always wear a shawl, cotton or silk and while you do not use it you can store it in the bag or even tie it to the handle, but it helps to cover head, shoulders and décolleté if necessary and to protect you from special air conditioners for penguins. Which Europeans are not accustomed to.

Use a hat, you do not have to take one from home, my advice is that when you get there you buy in the best store one like the ones used by the locals. I am already seeing your bag loaded with a lot of essential things, so the best is a bag that weighs little, with great capacity and with a long handle that you can cross for more comfort.

El calzado, cómodo y con varios puntos de sujeción como estos modelos de Ferragamo
Salvatore Ferragamo. Shoes

Comfortable shoes are not just the flats, there are those who need a little heel to feel comfortable. Flee from wedges with narrow base have very little stability and you probably will end up on the floor with a sprain. I suggest that the shoe be discovered with enough points of attachment. Although you will always need some ballerinas.

In order for a shoe to be perfectly secured it has to fit perfectly in three zones above the fingers, above the instep and by the ankle. If you want more comfort you can order your shoemaker to put non-slip soles to any pair you buy. You will be unstoppable! Another solution is to wear sneakers or espadrilles. I advise you to change a lot of shoes, it is how best you take care of your feet.

Una camisa blanca
Carolina Herrera New York / Salvatore Ferragamo

Depending on where you travel and how adventurous you are, do not forget that the hours for excursions are orientative and you always have the possibility to return to the boat to eat, where you will be served an a la carte meal, prepared for you at that time and with all Health guarantees. You will also have the possibility to rest, change clothes and go back out if you want. It is a trip that you do for pleasure. Enjoy it!

Más informal o más arreglada, Chanel siempre es una opción estupenda
Chanel. Different models of the cruise collection presented in Cuba.

Stays in the boat.
All cruisers, except the fluvial ones, have navigation days exclusively, so you should think about how long you’ll spend on the boat, on luxury cruisers there are no entertainers, no one is going to force you to go to «meringue cardio» class – fortunately – while you are lying on deck reading or looking at infinity, because they see you «bored». With these looks you will be as comfortable and elegant.

Eres. Comfortable lingerie / La Perla. Nightgown

Eres is one of the best brands of lingerie, but fundamentally it is among the best, the most comfortable. Each year they make new designs that without neglecting their essence are becoming more sophisticated. I really like the innovation they use in fabrics as well as this stream of sophistication and the line of swimsuits that always feel phenomenal. I always insist that even if you do not use it habitually your suitcase will not be complete without a pajama or a nightgown.

You never know what can happen. Burberry has conquered me with the models that presents in its new web, are comfortable, current and with that British touch of the House. If you go with the family, couple and / or children, remind them the same basic concepts: comfort, simplicity and go appropriate to each moment and situation that you can find.

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