How To Ware Your Lingerie

The best lingerie brands for your service, for more curvie you are, you're always impresive.

The lingerie is completely «in». It is a manifestation more of how we like to take care and feel good about ourselves and with the other ones. You just have to see sales increase in this sector: For example, Agent Provocateur increased its sales by 16% to 61.7 million pounds (80 million euros). Actually it is not just an indicator of our mood the number of red lipsticks – It was long ago replaced by those of eyelash mask – the height of heels or long of skirts. Deo Gratias, we are more complex than that!.

foto 2 y foto 3
Corsé Mathilda / La Perla. Click to buy

In principle lingerie is designed to wear under clothes, but since Gaultier climb to the catwalk for the first time those corsets, and then many other designers followed him with a multitude of proposals, until major brands –  essentially lingerie- create clothing lines for street and even home, we got today where on many occasions lingerie it’s shown or It´s played to show it. But beware! Not everything it ok. There is a very thin line between elegance and vulgarity.

Sujetador para pecho pequeño de Bordelle (izda).
Bordelle / Fleur of England / Bordelle. Click to buy

Choosing the right lingerie you can display more sophisticated, sensual, elegant and even powerful. No need to choose between beautiful and luxurious lingerie or underwear to correct and hide there in the best houses high lingerie many models to make us shine with a spectacular body. In this type of model I want to focus today, choosing among the most prestigious brands.

Much ?, Little ?, Do you want to show a top under a jacket? Perhaps a bustier? Each has its function also for the clothes fit better. This frilly bra Bordelle is ideal for larger breasts visually, also the cuts   make perfectly fit and mold the breast giving it a perfect shape.

foto 7 y 9
La Perla / La Perla. Click to buy

Smooth Push up in silk are a basic in the closet. Forgot about boring colors and bets on new models in colors or designs as I present you in scarlet red, by Fleur of England, with exquisite lace, (you also have it in pearl gray and both models differ in that one covers a little less than the other and will serve for more necklines), and the black one with straps in bondage style by bordelle. Another type of bra that visually makes the breast  larger and is completely fashion is triangle bra, the type in which it reaches the shoulder straps.

foto 10 y 12
La Perla / La Perla. Click to buy

Your bra peeks? Best! No to braless! With the variety of stunning models of bra, it is a trend that I can not understand among other things uncomfortable and impractical. But a small note: not the braless and not to see the bra straps or pieces that can not be seen. There are many tricks to hide, the first and fundamental to choose the right  type of bra for the clothes you wear at every time.

foto 11 y 13
La Perla / Bordelle. Click to buy

Jackets and transparency would be much better with any of the bustiers I show you. And even some of them could introduce playing with your outfit.

foto 14 y 15
La Perla / La Perla. Click to buy

Abdomen and hips. The new fabrics like neoprene applied to lingerie do wonders, especially if who designs is La Perla, but do not forget the tissue most commonly used by the upper classes from long time ago, for parts of corsetry in which the they sought to hide and hold: satin. And it is still used a lot because nothing is elastic.

foto 19 y 20
Fleur of England / Amoralle. Click to buy

Whole body. The bodies have become hard , you only have to see the websites of the best lingerie brands and the catwalks , like in the 90s have also been designed for outerwear.

foto 24 y 25
Agent Provocateur / La Perla. Click to buy

La Perla has in its line of shapewear a fabulous dress that shapes the whole figure. But it depends on your figure and your height, and even the type of outfit you opt for it may be more appropriate for your whole body two separate garments. A bustier or a corset and a neoprene pants may be the most appropriate at that time for you option.

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