Kim Kardashian: Successes and Failures of Their Pregnant Outfits

How few failures ruin a carefully everyday image.

You may or may not like the look of Kim Kardashian and her very particular outfits, but what is certain is that it has a unique and defined style. In general, in this style gets great success with their outfits and has millions of followers and some even try to imitate to the point of getting to spend up to $ 150,000.00 only one person in plastic surgery to look like her, without adding  clothes, makeup and shoes that then have to buy. Some courses to learn how to apply makeup like it cost $ 800.00, not expensive considering the master class is taught by her.

Kim con vestido de Lanvin
Kim Kardashian wearing a dress by Lanvin (Photo: Getty Images)

Taking the example of some of the latest outfits of the queen of instagram now who is expecting her second baby, we will discuss several mistakes and successes that we will not forget when we dress beeing or not pregnant and have the size we have.

It is true that Kim Kardashian loves haute couture and  does not hesitate to spend whatever it takes to customize the models from the catwalks to whatever figure she have at that time. As often gain too much weight in pregnancy that lowers quickly with the latest diets on the scene and help celebritie´s personal trainers. And that often forms varies although not pregnant.

Kim Kardashian at the fashion of Givenchy NYFW 2015

I think it’s great. It fully agrees with what I always say and write about the ideal size is that everyone has right now because now is when you have to dress. But I also read and you will have heard that some’ll be great with you as far as you like and you find prettier but in your size, neither more nor less. By this I do not understand what happens to Kim Kardashian to choosing styling during pregnancy.

I agree that it is not exactly a discreet woman, but then to go badly dressed and even commit blunders, goes a long way. And at the MTV got to be the most voted worst dressed by different surveys of digital media and criticism rained on her in all social networks  of  half the world where she is as undisputed queen instagram and twitter with this unclassifiable Balmain dress that had its charm in the original design, no doubt at any time, but clearly failed to adapt to it.

Kim con vestido de Balmain en los premios MTV
Kim Kardashian at the MTV awards (Photo: Getty images) Click to buy

THE WORST. It is definitely one of the most misguided Kim Kardashian looks, the way the suit fits – clearly not his size – and at the moment he chose to put it: The party of the MTV awards. Let analyze the photography: 

  • Shoulders: The shoulder pads are too large to meet the shoulders do not fit your needs. Still do not get it right shoulder and makes even a bump. Also you can see clearly the shoulder pads.
  • The sleeves are too long. Narrow at the top and too wide in the part of the wrist.
  • The pockets are huge. It gives the feeling of being full, without being so. Ungainly.
  • The central cord. Usually all kind or safari suits happens that you’re very thin have the problem of the central union should be impeccably adjusted. She has chosen a model where the join instead of using buttons or clips are attached by cord.
Kim en la gala de los MTV
Kim Kardashian at the MTV awards (Photo: Getty images) Click to buy
  • With this dress is impossible to wear underwear would be awful, La Maison has provided the solution of trousers of the same tissue so that they can sit. We also have provided a very well built in the chest area on the inside of the dress as Kim has a generous bust and give a nicer way and avoid the nipples are indicated structure.
  • The dress looks too long at the front, as she wears it. If you close both makes even can get to stumble.
  • The color is not one of those who favor more and less a woman with her features.
  • Behind makes some wrinkles on the bum and because it is small hips (She has a habit of always going one size smaller than hip). So the dress also seems shorter in the back than in front, because there really is down to where it should.

The length of this dress is to take adequate but not closed, is a dress you should bring a small tail was born from the front waist. Take long and the front is also for anyone foolhardy and more for a pregnant because you may stumble and even fall.

Kim de negro y con transparencias
Kim Kardashian in lycra jumpsuit / Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in the last MET Gala. (Photos: Dailymail)

In one of them is going to be very tight so note even the navel, besides the bum and nipples in all its glory. The final straw seemed to me when I saw a monkey in the gym lycra crotch that was marked.

Its anatomy know not only the photos that are supposed to be «artistic» but through the abuse of transparencies with Beyoncé managed to cause Carolina Herrera said that phrase discussed after the last party MET. She said that thet no left nothing to the imagination as well as charging-that is of my own – one of the basic principles of the art of seduction.

Kim Kardashian. With inadequate footwear

In her two pregnancies Kim Kardashian tends to take a lot of weight. This pregnancy has learned to use flat shoes more than the previous no longer subject to «certain torture». Use shoes with thin high heels but that’s about 7-10 cm. The high heels are not recommended in overweight since liquids eventually accumulate and legs will swell.

What we should learn as many celebrities and anonymous people is to buy sandals suitable size and shape and not very nice for those which are not have room for all our fingers.

Kim con un camisón
Kim Kardashian. Vestido Long white Lanvin

Countless successes looks pregnant Kim Kardashian, so it bothers me that they ruined by these oversights that encircle the planet in seconds. Also consider that Kim spent $ 10,000.00 in stylists per month. Here I leave a few for you to take note:

She’s great with this white suit but should turn up a tad low, still has much to not see their feet and get the effect she want.

Kim Kardashian. Leather pants and lace all over and A dress

This outfit is a very practical to work and go perfect from morning to evening and even dinner. But with a more hip size it would be much better. If all skirts and dresses her remaining behind Proenza Schouler like this, I would go perfect.

Kim Kardashian leather skirt and white blouse / Dress by Proenza Schouler (Photo: Getty images)

A person who struggles to exhaustion by becoming pregnant a second time and then he said in an interview with Ryan Seacrest, director of the reality show «Keeping Up with the Kardashians»: «I expected this amazing experience to make whatever I want, eat whatever I want and feel good, but nothing came of it,» Kim, as the whole Kardashian family is a multibillion dollar industry in itself. An example: Just for filtering the betrothal of Kim, Chad Hurley -cofundador of YouTube-, will have to pay her and Kanye West 400,000,00 dollars.


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