Night Cocktail

In summer, dinners at friends' homes may end up in long conversations that require a change of clothing.

Deslumbra con tu look en los eventos nocturnos
Deslumbra con tu look en  los eventos nocturnos
Dazzles with your look in the evening events

During the summer you have very varied commitments they have arranged to attend but without going and not too casual. It is the equivalent of a winter cocktail but considers that the knights and such invitations do not indicate dress code is casual or go with jacket without a tie or shirt sleeves without tie, of course – never in jeans and slippers sports, for limited edition to be …

Examples of such events are awards trophy polo, golf, sailing and tennis are often organized in the late evening with snacking or dinner, which also takes advantage to present a product or promote a brand of Champagne, cars, etc. In summer many dinners at friends’ houses arise as you will be hostess many times, on many occasions these dinners are also derived from a long desktop or after spending the day on the boat with the kids or not, stays for dinner, either way this requires a change of clothing.

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Diane Von Furstenberg dress, Roberto Cavalli set and Herve Leger dress. Click to buy

Being somewhat broader type of activities and therefore the right look, I present several with which will be great on any occasion. It’s summer, you can afford evening gowns or long and wide trousers with appropriate accesories will not go longer explicitly «long» (white tie), consider the shape of your body, your height and the «air» own   you give clothes to choose one or the other.

These three looks from Diane Von Furstenberg with the typical cross of the firm and short skirt and flight, strapless very structured jacket bearing ornaments totally unstructured zippers for possible wind and some cold summer nights Hervé Léger,  well I’ve put all these reasons to dispel the myth that just makes bandage dress, or as classic as whole summer, so Mediterranean and yet so requested year after year to be versioned and if anyone it is beautifully done since Roberto Cavalli stunning fabrics used cutting masterfully.

Alexander McQueen clutch and sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti. Click to buy

These jewel sandals in black Giuseppe Zanotti and Alexander McQueen clutch go perfectly with any of the three looks. Do not worry if the rhinestones and pants «do not get along,» because you may get hooked on this occasion the rhinestones is very rounded and practically no edges, also it is on the instep and the cut of the pants when walking, he avoided.

Giuseppe Zanotti earrings
Giuseppe Zanotti earrings, Giuseppe Zanotti necklace and Cavalli ring. Click to buy

As supplements I suggest you make different combinations with which I have proposed: This Giuseppe Zanotti gold necklace with coral ways to either clothing, If you do not wear the necklace please. Giuseppe Zanotti earrings in gold and black with a very modern way. With any of the above you can put the ring Roberto Cavalli.

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