Salvatore Ferragamo: From Shoes to Pret a Porter

Fantastic autumn winter collection 2016: stripes, serration edges, pleating and waists marked. Femininity ready to wear.

Both men and women have a weakness, shoes. Hence Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the most famous and desired among those who admire the design and quality brands. The House since the 20s of the last century have making shoes for Hollywood stars. But if something that has distinguished the brand has been in addition to their enormous creativity and the continuos research even collaborating making the shoes for large film productions as the latest film of Cinderella.

Salvatore Ferragamo shoes trying on a pair of made to order shoes (Banca dati dell´archivio storico. Foto: Locchi Firenze)

They have always been in continuous development, to create the global empire that they are today – even listed on the Italian stock exchange – whose product range includes luxury shoes, handbags, sunglasses, silk accessories, watches, perfumes and ready- to-wear clothing line.

Salvatore Ferragamo cage heel and varina . Click to buy

Contributions made to the world of footwear as the cage heel or wedge, or the vara shoe (varina – without heels -) which still is a real bestseller, created in the 60s by Fiamma Ferragamo, who inherited the inimitable talent of her father. Ferragamo’s creations not only endure to this day, but are reinterpreted by other major brands like the great classics in which they have become.

All this and more can see and recreate the Ferragamo Museum in Florence if you do not succumb the Stendhal syndrome. But you can also enjoy viewing the museum website or know much more about the brand and its evolution in its own Web site . In the museum located in the palace Spini Feroni you can admire ten  thousand shoes created by Ferragamo for more than four decades, from the 1920s until his death in 1960. In addition to a collection of vintage shoes from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, a collection of costume 1959 onwards, a collection of bags since 1970 and a large archive of documents.

Salvatore Ferragamo Museum in Florence.

A few days ago, in Milan they presented their pret a porter collection for next autumn winter season. It summarizes all the trends we’ve talked extensively in previous post, masterfully reinvented and unequivocal seal of the house in each of their clothes and accessories.

Ferragamo A/W 2016. Click to buy

Colored stripes that seem so bold, are not so if we consider not using even one color is considered as the PANTONE palette season. Even dual combinations (black and white) in prints, squares with stripes.

But who better than Salvatore Ferragamo to mix stripes when its flagship wedge is based on this mixture and many of his boots and suede boots or bags have also been and are protagonists of the best wardrobes. The  assemblage technique is how different pieces of fabric are joined, each one of one color.

El blanco y negr
Ferragamo A/W 2016. Click to buy

Experimentation, creative research remain emblems of the firm. Massimiliano Giornetti, current creative director, revive the artistic movements of the 20s and 30s in these combinations that I’ve talked you into finished zig zag, for which even uses zippers, getting volumetric and visual designs of those years, get a very feminine and current figure. Everything is backed with intense craftsmanship job behind each of the items that Salvatore Ferragamo puts on the market.

Ferragamo A/W 2016. Click to buy

There’s a piece that has captivated me from this collection: Capas where the shoulders play a very important role and shaped ornaments small tassels and zippers, always so comfortable! But also coats for day and night, cloth, skin, feathers, and for transition – right now! -.

We can not forget the leather: fur, leather and suede. Alone in black, combined in a multitude of colors, with or without belts with jagged edges or small touches.

Abrigos de
Ferragamo A/W 2016. Click to buy

The shoes are full stop, boots in suede stripes as features a touch very Ferragamo any outfit but I have been delighted with the total white! And I recognize that I love the leather. The design with fur in bright colors  without losing sight of elegance. I recognize that these are a risky proposition, but what is life but a succession of decisions many of them risky?

Ferragamo A/W 2016. Click to buy

This season, Salvatore Ferragamo presents a collection that combines elegant juxtapositions and contradictions who express positive feelings the best. Textures and volumes overlap and high quality fabrics are lit with lush colors and designs. Seriously, Salvatore Ferragamo has presented a real ready to wear, which can and should lose the catwalk to the street without interruption!

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