Simon´s re-Interpretation of Winter for Dior

Christian Dior was everything but minimalist.

Dior 7
Raf Simons

«My childhood home sat on a cliff and lay exposed to the most turbulent of weather» wrote Christian Dior in his autobiography. As though in homage to the wildness of a nature that never ceases to inspire the couturier, it was at Granville, in a rocky landscape battered by the winds, that the Dior women staked out their territory for the autumn/winter 2016/16 campaign.

Dior 1
Christian Dior Diorama Collection. Click for more information

The animal inspired prints covering their clothing and their Diorama bags, their long this boots molding like a second skin. And the slashed fabric of their skirts, all designed by Raf Simons, are captured by Willy Vanderperre´s lens appearing to melt into the harsh setting, like a new kind of camouflage, one that´s feminine and very Dior.

Dior 8
Dior´s coworkers and employees

Raf Simons inspiration is, again, in Maestro Dior work. I recently so the movie «Dior and I», that shows how was Simon first HC Collection two months after arriving at the most ionic fashion Maison in Paris.

I was impressed by the way he inspired that First HC Collection in Dior pictures, Dior´s meticulous work at his Atelier, Dior´s childhood house, even Dior´s mother roses garden…. The movie shows Raf´s inspiration in Dior spirit and Dior´s real coworkers and employees.

Raf Simon first HC Collection for Dior was his first HC Collection Eve. A huge step in his career, a complete change in the way he need to approach the way he creates fashion.

Dior 5
Dior Atelier

Also, a new approach to the business. Haute Couture business has nothing to do with pret a porter way of work. The Haute Couture business is based on exclusivity, rare and distinguished models. Each dress is designed as an art work, like painting or landscape… inspired by nature and very, very expensive.

Dior 6
Dior Atelier

In the movie there is a very interesting chapter about money. How much did Haute Couture cost, and how a HC Maison should treat their costumers. Those costumers around the world could esaly spend more than $300.000 in Dior´s clothes, so they deserve to have the so called «first seamstress» when they need it wherever it takes around the world.

Dior 4
Christian Dior Diorama Collection. Click for more information

The inspiration when Simons worked at Jil Sander as a Creative Director was minimalist but as he points out in the movie «I am not minimalist. I always interpreted the spirit of the maison where I am working».

Dior 3
Christian Dior Diorama Collection. Click for more information

Christian Dior was everything but minimalist. So Raf Simons reinvented himself when he septs into maison Dior, and since them he is a new «creator», based on the new type of women that Dior would love nowdays.

Raf Simons arrived in Dior´s Maison for good. His main goal is to adecuated the Dior Spirit to the new sophisticated woman, and still selling clothes.


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