Susana Poyatos: A designer 360º

This afternoon I will have the opportunity to present Susana Poyatos in the auditorium of Tabacalera of Malaga in an event organized by the Association Jacaranda.

Lourdes Delgado. 07/07/2016

My relationship with Susana Poyatos is recent, but intense. We met a few years ago at the Museum of Costume, treatment and the passage of time has brought us through the world of fashion and art. We share many ideas, about fashion and lifestyle. And we love transcend and philosophize about fashion. Usually, I try not to miss any of his events, often all related to the culture of fashion and art. Because, Susana makes it possible without losing any glamor, union between fashion and art.

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Some of the creations of Susana Poyatos

From my point of view, the trait that more accurately defines Susana is  a good entrepreneur in the fashion world. In 1995 he created his own brand «Słaboń Moda» she has managed to be what today is called «action 360». Store designs both collections as tailored suits, it organizes its own parades and presents its designs in ready-to-wear, party and girlfriends. He sets it as a designer 360, it is not a metaphor, the fact is that it has managed to include in his work from teaching at the Institute of Technology of Design, the design of uniforms for companies.

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Slabon Fashion

This grenadine, with great interest in painting and especially the design of figurines, is credited with the first Young Fashion Award of Andalusia in 1987, with a Andalusian folklore collection. This award allowed him for  joing the company She takes her first to Paris (Premier Vision).

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Slabon Fashion

His collections have been exhibited in Cibeles. Neither it has eluded the television world – in 1995 he made the costumes for «The Cupboard Mariana» South Channel or theatre, performing costume designs for theatre performances.

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Susana Poyatos designs

Since 2011 it is part of the project Estampa Design Partners in Estampa Contemporary Art Fair, which annually participates. In 2013, the project to Estampa Structures in silk, was awarded by the Madrid Association of Art Critics; in 2015 he received the National Award for Business Excellence Fashion Prenamo.

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You can see his work in the gallery Arancha Osoro of Oviedo

You can see his work in the gallery Arancha Osoro of Oviedo, in the 2016 Women Biennial, during the month of July. The curator Victoria Arribas Roldan said that «March 8. International Women’s Day. If we wanted to draw, paint, sculpt, sew … in short, realize that day we channeling suggesting, reminding us, which tells us that day, how would we? How would the March 8, for example, on paper, on canvas? » I hope meet you at the headquarters of the old building at The Tabacalera at 18.30 in Malaga. Where we will have the opportunity to hear her evolution in fashion through art.

References: Arribas Roldán, Victoria. (2016). Factory. Exhibition catalog Susana Poyatos. Oviedo: Gallery Arancha Osoro.
Photos: Miguel Angel Poyatos González and

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