Swimming Beyond than the Size 10

The waves are the only curves unchecked this summer. You will handle your curves with these fabulous swimsuits.

Ashley Graham. Top model de tallas grandes y  "body activist" : propone redefinir el modelo de belleza. Foto: zwallpix
Ashley Graham, Supermodel of outsize and «activist body» proposes to redefine the standard of beauty. (Photo: zwallpix)

You only need take a look and see that the skinny silhouette remained behind. Today, some more, some less has its curves. Look at the list of the most influential worldwide celebrities as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce or Kardashian .You can also see what are the most requested services in clinics of plastic and aesthetic surgery. Breast augmentation is the star followed by others such as the redefinition of the feminine silhouette. With a 95 or 100 (36 or 38 in UK and USA) breast is impossible to come into a size 38 (8 in USA, 10 in UK) or 40 (10 in USA, 14 in UK) and if you’ve uploaded your buttocks or redefined  tothe style of the above celebrities.

I do not like the term «real women» because all we are, each one with our particular characteristics. I always say that for me, the ideal body shape is that you have right now because now is when you get dressed. And I’ll help you change, if you wish, and it is the right time.

Size models posing for the calendar web SwimSuitForAll

Today I propose some swimsuits and tricks to appear more slender, redefine your chest, conceal «tummy» hide hips or simply look sexy and glamorous if you have curves or special size. For most of us , the time to buy swimwear produces anxiety like the first day at the beach or pool, especially if you consider that it does not suit you like you want. I can´t agree more with the words of Coco Chanel: «Fashion is like architecture: it is a matter of proportions.» Here you have some tips to hit with you swimsuit.

Coco Chanel in Rivière.

1. Flat belly: It´s   difficult for a bikini can hide a big belly. There are swimwear that have  a non-elastic inner part of clamping thick tissue which act as a belt and your belly will look completely flat . If the fabric is more elastic the contraction of belly will  be lighter.

Beware the degree of tissue shrinkage, because if the contraction is strong can get the opposite effect and even without apparently belly, you will have pleats at other sites, will overflow by elsewhere.

One-piece swimsuit in black and black shirt and panties by Lane Bryant. Click to buy

You can even choose bikinis of such tissue with more composition of lycra and other components, like in  high waist panties,  type «pin up», very attractive and you can  to adequate to your type of chest tops, then you  have   a bikini or in a tankini, it depends where we want to turn the gaze.

If I have a favorite brand among the many there are, it is this on both miracle suit and magic suit lines, they  have swimsuits, tankinis and bikinis of all sizes, including large sizes, of course.

Swimsuit with draped chest and waist line and swimsuit with halter neckline. Click to buy

2. Gathers and drapery: A design  draped on the outermost portion of the elastic fabric (lycra) hiding a big belly or chest.

3. Tankinis:  In Spain it is less common to use tankinis, two pieces in which the top is the length of a T-shirt and even looks similar. They are very useful because you have the advantages of bikini and swimsuit one piece. In addition to conceal tummy, pleats, etc., they are comfortable and stylize you.

Swimsuit with horizontal stripes Torrid and swimsuit with high-waisted Tropiculture. Click to buy

4. Slender: Choose a swimsuit one piece. Monochrome or printed with optical effects that make you more slender. With cuts in the legs slightly higher than usual but making sure it covers everything and fits perfectly. For a «longer legs» effect, the keys are: cuts on high legs but below the hip bone and panties with ties.

I propose you in   the picture above has all requirements to become a perfect plus size swimsuit: Halter. Good  structure for large breasts, monochrome, pleats, in this case at the-top, draped in the abdomen that can create as you wish pulling the bows on the hips so that give prominence to the curves, not hide , but it conceals possible holsters .

Swimsuit with Halter Tropiculture neckline and Shorts Swimsuitforall optical effect stripes to look thinner. Click to buy

5. Stripes. It is well known the optical effect of vertical stripes. They will make you thinner. But I would like to tell something that few people know: a few years ago it was made a serious study about of the optical effect of horizontal and vertical lines and found it depends on many more factors than just the direction of the stripes. Therefore I put this example of «one piece». You will see that despite having two types of horizontal stripes and bright colors,  it makes you slimmer and this is the combination of the two types of stripes, cuts and design, as well as the tissue composition and inner construction.

6. High Waist: A high waistline makes you look like more slender and flatter belly .

7. Attracting the view toward the top: Select a halter neckline or V neckline , these attracts eyes to the upper, distracting from the central and avert their eyes from wide hips and belly .

Halter Bra for large chest of Lane Bryant. Click to buy

8. Colors: In general, a single color will help you look slimmer and take the focus on the tummy area. But at this point there are many designs with optical effects as details of another color on the sides, finishing a color rather than at the level of the stomach, lower … etc, that will solve you  wear only monochrome. If you choose a swimsuit whose bottom is black and the top in another color will help you to become more stylized.

9. Large chest: Use tops with good hold, wide strips.   make sure it wears appropriate strategic cuts, hoops without filling in the «bowl» and adjustable straps . Avoid beads and details that provide volume at the top and select models preferably dark colors. One piece swimwear and strapless tight but with great inner subjection are great choices along with the super novel appearance models,some of them actually made of neoprene,  with zippers and cuts as wetsuits, they are super young and modern

A kind piece swimsuit surfing suits and orange bikini with bows Lane Bryant. Click to buy

10. Hips: The worst mistake is to cover too much what complexed us. Just highlight it get more. But there are tricks to conceal and divert attention from that area bothering you. Ties and lateral hip  details hide holsters but will not eliminate the curves. Another tips that work great are : use optical effects are achieved for example, which many call «color block» -and that Anna Wintour would throw his hands to his head, saying that it is not. I totally agree with her- .

A tankini can also be a good ally, playing with different shapes and lengths, the T-shirt will give you thousands of possibilities!

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