The Best Valentine

Which gifts are the most desired and which ones you don´t want receiving for Valentine?

There is a day when lingerie and chocolates are in danger of being exhausted on this planet: is Valentine. Perfumes also follow them very closely because most of millennials do not wear neckties. But, do we really like the gift with which we are surprised? Did you know that the fifth best selling item for Valentine’s is the one you least want to receive? 

Put love and your personal touch and you will triumph with your gift.

The  background secret , without a doubt, is to know your partner. And although of course  one “I love you” of those who put the soul in the heaven, a night of passion or a commitment for all life are answers that are in the bottom of the heart of almost all, They are phenomenal in polls and do not cost any euro but they are very valuable, material things and experiences love and «seem to help to believe it more.»

Do not complicate yourself when go shopping, your partner is still the same as before, in addition is still male or female and with exceptions, usually will like the same things as any man or woman. Therefore, banish from now – for all the occasions in which you want to make a gift – that moment of mind blank. The orientation between man/woman, is not machismo, different habits of consumption, priorities, ways to behave in certain situations, preferences, etc. What we all love is the sauce of life, give it imagination and good humor when it comes to presenting your gift, I do not mean the packaging, which I suppose of the highest quality, but how and where you give it. Put your personal touch, starting with your outfit.

A romantic dinner is a sure thing

1.- The most desired.
For both sexes it is a romantic getaway. Book dinner and room in a good hotel even in your own city, if you do not have time for more. Here, no doubt, is the lingerie that still remains in the top. Why will you succeed? Most surveys in Spain, the United States and Latam show results that we can summarize that both men and women prefer for Valentine: An out-of-home dinner – great if you plan a plan from breakfast, “tapas” in charming bars and siesta- at 32%, a trip or surprise break at 17%. Men preferred 76% a night of passion and magic and 14% a romantic break. As for lingerie and clothing: Men preferred to receive a garment of clothing in 5% and women clothing (in which they included lingerie) by 27%.

Loewe. A biker jacket is always very well welcome / Christian Loubutin. Diva pumps / Hermès hair accessory / La Perla. This year the garters and mark the waist are of full relevance

The final test, if you do not use the statistics is that the sales volume of romantic getaways, dinner and hotel night packs for Valentine, lingerie and clothing (including accessories) for both men and women does not stop growing since 2007, during the worst years of economic crisis, at spectacular speeds. Only in the United States last year was $ 17.835 billion and for this year is expected to spend 18.9 billion.


2.- What do you like less?
Teddy bears (so loving them), is the fifth most detested and most received gift I spoke of at first. They are good for other recipients and other times, but this is not the perfect day. A pijama is not lingerie either. Clothes for everyday do not like much in Valentine, neither them nor them.

No teddy bear gifts at Valentine’s Day

In conclusion, it is a day for a special encounter with your partner, work it a little, there is a whole world in this wonderful consumer society that will help you. The jewels, the chocolates, the technology, the fashion, the perfumes and aromas that remind you to special moments … with the small details of the big signatures you will always succeed.


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