The Coat of Million Euros

A sable coat couture from the last collection of Fendi is valued at 1,000,000 euros.

In July comes the highly anticipated collection Paris Haute Fourrure Fendi designed by Karl Lagerfeld. The timing is no coincidence, this year 2015 marks the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Maison and the 50th anniversary of the collaboration of Mr. Lagerfeld as Creative Director of the firm that has a lapidary phrase: » Fur is Fendi and Fendi it´s  fur «. An example: The store that opened this year in New York shows an impressive array of furs. Other? : Fendi collections always have many furry touches.

Karl Lagerfeld greeting at the end of the Haute Fourrure 2015 fashion show.

The Haute Couture Fourrure is a  fur collection. Therefore we must consider that these 36 pieces that comprise the collection will be tailored to each individual clients and their suggestions into the design itself.

Always some people is amazed by the «curiosities» of haute couture, as Fendi coat presented in Paris in July and who was valued by The Financial Times in € 1,000,000.00. Look at the collection consists of spectacular pieces, but some people are still staying with sea foam … For those I will tell all about why costs the same as some call «a mansion» (probably they went to Mars before real estate bubble…).

Colección Fendi con abrigo valorado en uní
Fendi. Coat of 1 million euros (midle) and Fendi Haute Fourrure 2015 Coats.

Each hair follicle is coated with silver to make it shine even more, while still maintaining the softness and comfort of the fur. This is a sable coat , it is probably the most prized for their scarcity furriers. More, today to strict controls, with which I agree completely since there is no reason for atrocities or even animals stress, but then to the «no furs» there is a long way. The sable color influences its price, the darker more expensive, up to the purest black or «black diamond», this coat is made of dark brown sable.

Abrigo diseñado por Lagerfeld para Fendi años atrás
Coat designed by Lagerfeld for Fendi in previous years.

As Lagerfeld himself said, in this coat they have only been used three sables, when it is used up to 20 years for a coat of these characteristics. This poses a tremendous effort in design and architecture and craftsmanship with a capital in the making of the extraordinary piece. Which is only possible by a team of excellent professionals in each of the fields involved in the creation, with a gear and perfect direction.

Abrigo Fendi diseñado por Lagerfeld hace años
Fendi.Coat designed by Karl Lagerfeld for years.

Fendi has always been associated with the best fur, actually born as a workshop founded by the first two sisters Fendi. If Lagerfeld has been slow to return to make fur coats has been not finding a suitable team of craftsmen who to trust, as well as the severe restrictions to use skins with all the guarantees about animals. I promised an article about the fabulous collection of Fendi Haute Fourrure by Karl Lagerlfeld and today continue savoring  , because it is one of those delights that life offers.

Fendi Haute Fourrure 2015. Fur coat with magnificent «mosaic» work.

We assume that Mr. Lagerfeld is not only a genius, what is already an exception, but a tireless worker with perfectionist impressive multidisciplinary training levels of genuine excellence, combined with his years of experience, his discipline and his impressive personality is like It has managed to be the most mythical of the current Couture figure, resulting in fabulous collections and exceptional pieces, from the «little» as a Karlito – it have to be very smart to have so much sense of humor – I was talking about Nathalie Biain´s last week post  and that I am absolutely in love, to the great and controversial «expensive» coat.

To find out what we have in hand the first thing to do is see this touch: the video that presents the Fendi fur coat model to travel. You’ll be amazed! : Fascinating!

Yes. You’ll see forefront, savoir faire, the classicism of craftsmanship, design, and especially Fashion, in a masterly collection. Lagerfeld is well aware that it is a collection of haute couture, offers the latest trends. Nothing to do with the trendie, word that he hates.

Feathery skins: The lightness and bias feathers makes you forget the idea that a fur coat «weighs» for if anyone is still in doubt. For decades, there are techniques such as Burling and others that do not render well. But this is much more.

Fendi Haute Fourrure 2015 Coat «fringe»

Interwoven with plastic skins remind me 60, Courreges and experimentation. Art and Modernity. The glamor and luxury of haute couture if that was not enough skins, mixed with 24 carat gold and silver. Lagerfeld is well aware his twenties clients who occupy the front row of the fashion shows and there are designs in their collection that seem especially designed for them. Not forget the clients who invest in haute couture and they want a timeless piece and «lifelong» clients. Of course with this collection he made it very clear what he said after the presentation of the collection in one of the interviews at the backstage, between congratulations: «there is no time for  jumble sales «, some evil-minded say he meant … – . Not forget the clients who invest in haute couture and they want a timeless piece and «lifelong» clients. Among the pieces presented were several in capa form, one of them even with fringes.

Propuestas muy originales
Fendi Haute Fourrure 2015.

Clearly I admire Karl Lagerfeld but one of the qualities I most amazed him and almost never say is its enormous business sense. It is therefore a complete creator. Get sales of pret a porter and haute couture and wanted most. It has made LVMH – owner of Fendi-, Fendi cementing status as the most important global firm as far as fur is concerned.

Fendi Haute Fourrure 2015

The Haute Fourrure collection is a collection of haute couture, there was waste of magnificent details of manual labor to appreciate: embroidered boots, coats, impressive details of handbags, leather with metallic finishes, mink and astrakhan skirts, endless fox boas, and huge flowers leather carried by each of the pieces and served as thread. Other details that fascinate me are leather scales or feathers proposed in some parts as well as the mixture of skins and color. Nothing was left to chance.

Los detalles también estaban muy cuidados
Fendi Haute Fourrure 2015

But Karl Lagerfeld is not dwelling on the past success (because it’s a waste of time), so it is now immersed in presenting next Chanel cruise collection in Havana . What do you think? And we talk about to be bang up to date…


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