The ‘Glamour’ is in the Head

The world of design and fashion, is not as empty as sometimes we want to see. Moreover, if it wants to survive, it has to be filled with ideas.

Lourdes Delgado. 21/07/2016

The customer is increasingly demanding, looking for a cultural consumption. Today no products are consumed, experiences are consumed. Paraphrasing Marisa Berenson, I can say that glamor does not depend on a necklace hanging on his neck, if not the mood. Or rather, that something inside let go with our arrangement or personal derangement.

Lourd 5
Marisa Berenson

When someone told Marisa Berenson «spirituality gives off you,» she replied «I had to learn to build myself to myself. So when I started to move in this scattered world,  I haven’t lost my balance. If I had not had this spiritual call, probably it would have been destroyed by many things «(Berenson, 2016).

Lourd 6
Amaia Salamanca

Or the statement Amaia Salamanca in June Smoda, «At six o’clock the head does not give to outfits» (Salamanca, 2016). It may not be realistic. The styling is born of the mind. Translates what we are, how we are and where we want to go ‘It’s so important!

Lourd 7
Demna Gvasalia (left) and Alessandro Michele. (Photo: Juergen Teller)

At the moment of truth, who does not have his life based on ideas it is not able to resist the onslaught of consumerism. I’ve been thinking about an interview Demna Gvasalia-of Balenciaga appeared in The New York Times. In the words of the current artistic director of Balenciaga «People are looking for individuality, they do not want to seem like a campaign photo» (Fury, 2016). There is a desire and a need to be different, individuality matters more. Fury believes that highlight details that indicate individuality, against the «total look» is closer than beautiful (Fury, 2016).

Lourd 2
There is no past luxury. This is the big difference with the consumer.

Moreover, the universe of the major brands of exclusivity allows not go out of fashion garments in this field do not affect the sales. No problem in carrying it last year. Even added value. In fact, there is no past luxury. This is the big difference with the consumer.

Lourd 4
Elegance and glamor are something that we like people and that cannot be explained.

Susana Poyatos, -designer of which I spoke last week in Oviedo just presented an exhibition of his latest work. It presents a mature, serene and beautiful woman posing with some of the clothes shown here. The model leads, not professional, is a very worker, independent woman. For Susana, elegance and glamor are «something that we like people and that cannot be explained».

Lourd 3
The need to fill the fashion of ideas

I stay with the statement Francesca Ruffini talking about their designs «Living in pajamas is an attitude». For it expresses «The desire for a relaxed and intimate elegance» (Ruffini, 2016) After all these reflections, the need to fill the fashion of ideas, good ideas is clear. Making Fashion mindfulness !!!

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