The real clients of Haute Couture (II)

Today there is an increasingly large group of women that promise long life to the Haute Couture.

Elie Saab. Haute Couture. FW 15/16.

Among the clients of Haute Couture are also collectors, investing in fashion as those who invest in other objects of art, and different kind of things  according to their customs, their culture or their way of life and even the way of understanding life. Overall the customer who demands Haute Couture, desires the real traditional luxury but with the novelty of the latest collection and even the unique design for her.

Atelier haute couture. Making a dress

Today there is a growing number of young, famous or not that promise long life to the Haute Couture women group. Not only the future of haute couture is in the hands of the new generations, thanks to the passion that continues to arouse, when five continents were once almost 2 and a very limited number of people-as well as the taste for fashion that we wraps all around us but we do not realize, and even investors and collectors who have seen in Haute Couture a love that worth pursuing. The real consumers of Haute Couture are varied, but all have a common passion.

Giambattista Valli. Haute Couture FW 15/16

THE AMERICAN WOMEN. American women who currently buy Haute Couture have many social commitments that have to go and show off there, their new models as well as business meetings or work commitments. Haute couture has also been adapted to modern lifestyle. You can see the collections of Stephanne Rolland for example. Names like Susan Casden, Grant Cason Thrash, Suzanne Saperstein, Fabiola Beracasa, among others always have an appointment booked on the agenda of the Great Houses, each season Susan Casden even has a version of the Hermès Birkin with your name.

Susan Casden with a Casden bag by Hermès

Beca Cason Thrash is fun and serves you kindly. She makes interviews and she´s always very natural and charming, without artifice. I want to suggest that the time of those unique 2000 potential clients over 70 years old the vast majority of them belonging to a defined profile: «wife of American billionaire buying Haute Couture to have a veneer of lifelong money -which in USA, call: old money-» there is virtually and if so, it ´s an insignificant minority in%. Consider who the current American millionaires and their wives. Do you think that concern to Priscilla Chan, a pediatrician and wife of Mark Zuckerberg wants to pretend old money and Haute Couture  dress for it, when her wedding dress signed by an American designer, Claire Pettibone not reached more than 4000, 00 euros ?

Jung Ryeo-Won, Kwai Lun-Mei y  Editor in chief of Vogue China Angelica Cheung.

It´s also true that the number of millionaires has increased and decentralized not only countries but also across continents and cultures, age ranges and why they buy couture whether we all like to look more beautiful and elegant so it also must know how to treat different customers. It is not something in passing. It’s fundamental.

FAR EAST. Asian and Indian invest large amounts of money in couture but with some notable differences. All appreciate the couture but who fall heavily on the richness of the fabrics, embroideries, jewels, etc are mostly Indian and also likes to wear it at weddings that usually also hold for several days with different ceremonies and events.

Gucci. Campaign starring Charlotte Casiraghi in 2012

Women like Yuki Tan, president of the firm Folie Follie, loyal customer of Armani Privé couture line the designer confesses launched in 2005. Donatella Versace says the House has never failed to make dresses as and around Atelier Versace is mainly due to demand from Eastern countries.

NEW GENERATIONS. 3 years ago Gucci devoted exclusively a collection of Amazon to Carlota Casiraghi. At that   moment it´s where I place the starting point where the firms had realized that everything had changed. The target expanded, the role models were others, and also objects of desire or had a wider range caracteréisticas.

Carlota Casiraghi photographed by Lagerfeld for an exhibition in London about black jacket introduced in Fashion World by Chanel.

The front rows of fashion shows, are being occupied by a not inconsiderable number of young Chinese, Indian and Arabic With covers with rubies, diamonds and gold for their custom iphone, tablets and smart gadgets in general. Some of them have even sapphires in their brackets. Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel and Fendi) and Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy, they know that current sales are opting to eastern twenties. We are in full swing for it girls, magazines, blogs and websites are merely reflect society is not upside down. Although it may seem.

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