The Retro Romanticism of 6ème Galerie

Fashion capitals like London, Lausanne, Yeda and Tokyo already savour the delicate allure of a womenswear brand aspiring to push growth in France, Italy and USA.

The Luxonomist. 21/01/2016

The paths of Alba Vázquez de las Heras and Menchu Mora García first crossed at Zara Woman. Before that Alba, who graduated from Central Saint Martins, had worked at Alexander McQueen, Lolita Lempicka and Kenzo.

6emegalerie 2
6ème galerie Winter 2016. Click to buy

Menchu, who trained at Vigo University’s Design Faculty ESDEMGA, had worked in the textiles trade for companies like TMX and Persentili.  In 2013, they teamed up to launch 6ème galerie, designing delicate silhouettes for brides and their guests already available from exclusive boutiques in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and  Japan.

6emegalerie 1
6ème galerie Winter 2016. Click to buy

The brand name was inspired by a gallery in the chic eponymous Parisian quartier that captivated the two designers on a trip to the French capital. But their two annual collections and bridal line are 100% Spanish made, designed and produced in La Coruña, textile nerve centre of Galicia in north-west Spain.

6emegalerie 4
6ème galerie Winter 2016. Click to buy

“We have a weakness for natural, diaphanous fabrics that hang well. We use a lot of silk gauze and combine it with mohair knit in winter”, the brand explains. They use vintage detail, bead appliqué and embroidery to trim timeless outfits that dress up those special occasions.

6emegalerie 3
6ème galerie Winter 2016. Click to buy

6ème galerie has imminent plans to launch its own e-shop and will be returning to Paris Sur Mode from 4 to 7 March. They’ll be looking to strike up new trade links at Paris Fashion Week, focusing growth prospects on France, Italy and the USA with an Autumn/Winter 2016-17 collection that is already “in full flow”.


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