What Will You Wear Next SS 2017?

The latest trends for spring summer 2017 views on the main fashion catwalks.

The most prestigious Fashion Weeks for next spring summer 2017 have been celebrated already, so we can conclude the main issues about the trends to orient you to do the shopping for next season. After consumption habits changed and responsibility was established above what many call impulse, and that in most cases is nothing more than attraction for the beauty, it seems that it is mandatory that we have the obligation to stop to think before buying, as if someone who manages money or a closet, did not think of before. Anyway, what I want to tell you is that before you buy you plan what you need and if you like something more, then take it home, surely you look beautiful!

Elie Saab, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and Armani Privé

It has already become the new basic essentials even in winter. But not this season is not only a basic, but it is fashionable, continues the trend as last year and is very conducive. If there is usually no summer wardrobe without several white garments, at least several t-shirts, one shirt and one dress, this year with more reason.

Volantes y superposiciones en estos modelos de
Francesco Scognamiglio, Victor & Rolf and Dior

Flyers and overlays
The flyers that have paraded are – the majority – of small or medium size and several, u.sually on the bottom of the dress or sleeves. But the imagination of the creators is immense and you can find them in the torso and back. Overlays are usually of very structured layers and «architectural» type cuts the 80s, that not only return in this direction.

Giambattista Valli, Schiaparelli and Jason Wu

Althoug Miranda Priestly said ironically that «Flowers? In spring? So original!» The floral prints have again this year a huge role. If last year the flowers were superimposed on the fabric and the previous stamped, this year come back the prints for the Prêt à porter and in Haute Couture they coexist with magnificent works with stitched or embroidered flowers that come to excite. The eighties prints, T-shirts with signs of brands: Moschino, Dior, etc. , Pop design, colorful stripes (beyond the navy) and even spots.

La importancia de los hombros la vemos en estos diseños de Armani Privé, Elie Saab y Couchel
Armani Privé, Elie Saab and Couchel

Protagonism of the shoulders
There are several styles to keep in mind: The 80s shoulder pads in the style of Melanie Griffith and Sigourney Weaver in «Working girl», yes as you read it. I have seen parade executive jackets that we already have a fabulous life lived have even wore, of which when you see them today I am sure that you will say: It is for men and of many bigger sizes. Well, you already know that on the runway something is usually exaggerated, so that you can talk about it, among other things, but I’ll tell you that the tracks go around: Jackets end of the first 80s. The following tendencies that I want to talk about are rounded shoulders, puffed shoulders and large sleeves that come out of rounded shoulders that have an oval shape.

There are a couple of necklines and shoulders that remain fashionable, in addition to the Halter: The neckline with the shoulders down and a variation of this more elaborate and that already appeared last year in which it really is worth investing in a good piece for several reasons. It is very comfortable since it does not move, contrary to the one of fallen shoulders. It is very fashionable. It disguises one of the parts that most difficult to maintain in form and that we forget in the treatments (to give priority), the upper part of the arms and mainly the inner part of the upper part of the arms. Being fairly structured is flattering and gives a very careful look.

Elie Saab

The color
The blue serenity – the Melania Trump at the inauguration – is the color of the season but far from dominating the pastel tones on the runways, the designers have opted for a true color explosion that I interpret as the desire of good News, positive energy and joy that all we have.The rose in all its tones is another of the star colors. This year you can not go through life without a short pink dress, like the typical LBD (Little black dress).

Neutrals and earth colors, mainly the Khaki have just importance to put the counterpoint and get sanity. Think of the explosion of colors that suppose mainly pop prints and those of flowers.The metallic ones are still very fashionable and mainly in lamé fabric and lurex. The shines are also up to date, especially provided by satin fabrics and rhinestones. Although in Spain do not like much, the yellow is still fashionable and the white already said that is fundamental.

Trabajos lencero
Carolina Herrera and Schiaparelli

Lingerie crafts
From a subtle edge of the finest lace to adorn and reduce a neckline, to an entire dress composed of different pieces of lingerie and craft work of the most sophisticated in which even include feathers or fringes that come to intermix with different types Lace, macrame, etc.

Shirts and dress shirts
If a white shirt (I love cufflinks) is necessary, have the obligations or the age that you have, in every summer wardrobe. This year you also need (if you like to follow fashion), a shirt dress. Basically it is nothing more than the extension of a man’s shirt up to the knee.This year you have a lot of designs to choose from. Since the first time that Yves Saint Laurent climbed it to the catwalks, it has been simplifying or softening the model and even radicalizing, depending on the designer who interpreted it.

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