Yves Saint Laurent: The Legacy

He left us forever suit jacket, jumpsuit, ethnic prints and animal print, the female tuxedo ... and he left.

The man who sighed for not having invented blue jeans, let us  the newly renovated the wardrobre , ready for present and future. I hope we never go all in uniform with those awful silver jumpsuits who imagine B-movies of yesteryear.  He did much more than what he  set himself when fools that   made him bulling, and he thought, «Someday I’ll be famous» and he  read Vogue, when he was 12.

Who created the  prêt-à-porter and submitted it to the runway, when on a catwalk  were presented genius proposals and not a mix  max of excellent collections that follow in that line and true atrocities against the most basic aesthetic. He left us forever suit jacket, jumpsuit, ethnic prints and animal print,   the female tuxedo … and he left. Tremendous.

YSL en su taller con Moujik
Yves Saint Laurent working in his attelier with Moujik.

In 1952 when he presented his first collection, out of the Dior House, no less than in Paris, in a truly historic moment, you must consider  that they were alive and active Christian Dior and Coco Chanel, the press published headlines like this: «Saint Laurent save France «. With a collection of Haute Couture!

But behind what some see only clothes, I´m  sure you see what fabulously explains who knew him best, not only personally: Pierre Bergé, who created Yves Saint Laurent, La Maison and Company. As I said, Mr. Berge said: «Yves Saint Laurent acted socially, more than many others for gender equality and the recognition of the modern woman, who is not an object, she takes part their time and flaunts their certainties»

The Mondrian collection of Yves Saint Laurent. Foto: wikipedia
The Mondrian collection of Yves Saint Laurent. (Photo: wikipedia)

THE ART: Monsieur Saint Laurent who loved art and was sublimely knew establish collections and designs that are true homage to Mondrian, Picasso and Van Gogh. I love any of these designs. In 1970 and 1988 he paid tribute to Braque. Perhaps best known are the designs tribute to Mondrian but that did in 1988  with lilies  of  Van Gogh or Picasso Dove in the air  on a shoulder … What fashion show!

Yves Saint Laurent was the first designer who has exhibited his designs in a museum: The Metropolitan Museum of New York in 1983. Along with Pierre Bergé, created a foundation for the custody and dissemination of their creative legacy. When he died the private art collection belonging to M. Saint Laurent and M. Bergé was auctioned because Pierre Bergé didn´t see the sense, this is of such exquisite sensitivity!

YSL, Opium
Opium. Emily Blunt for Opium Campaign de 2012 by Patrick Demarchelier.

THE PERFUMES: Impossible to talk about without mentioning Yves Saint Laurent perfumes. Who lived surrounded by sophistication in Oran, spices, flavors, elegant sensuality and seduction pore to pore absorbed the wisdom and the mixture of cultures. Therefore, only Yves Saint Laurent could create the world’s best-selling perfume: Opium. I could tell my own biography through perfumes and cosmetics Yves Saint Laurent, its evolution, including the evolution of their presentations and impeccable packaging.

Their cosmetic lines deserve special mention for its constant innovation and how not !: the trademark: The Legacy: The Touche Eclat gave us life to active women, Caucasians with Mediterranean flair, to the icy beauty that would called by  Hitchcock … The unmistakable red of her lipstick …. But that’s another story.

Lulu dressed in multicolored lame, fuchsia monogram bag and YSL sandals. 

THE  OUTFIT: With pieces of the collection Fall Winter 15/16 that perfectly summarizes the spirit of the company, I have prepared an ideal summer nights and even some forthcoming in September outfit. The lamé and rich fabrics have always had an important place in the collections. This dress sums up its printing and its fabric and colorful sumptuousness of the creations of designer but with a touch of the new creative director, straps studded with crystals and   irregular can can. I like the wink that Hedi Slimane has made some master designs like tulle protruding tulle neckline.

If a characteristic color of Yves Saint Laurent is the Fuchsia, no doubt. So I chose this because of that. The gold could not miss, even in this sleek sandal that coexists in a collection full of 70′ platforms, boots with studs, etc.

Lulu curly pink dress and high boots YSL. 

PRESENT & FUTURE: Saint Laurent Paris, as the firm is now called, with the blessing of Pierre Bergé increased benefits under the direction of its new creative director, Hedi Slimane up 28. 5% and doubled its turnover to 707 million euros according to data reported by François-Henri Pinault, chairman of Kering, the luxury conglomerate that owns Saint Laurent. The numbers speak!

But it’s on the catwalk also left us all happy, reinvented the 80s by Saint Laurent Paris. Masterly! Regardless of that I like  more or less  the «theater» presentation logic in a catwalk, I´m fascinated to those leather pants, zippers and studs. I would stay with frilly petticoats and boots. I leave two photos for you to enjoy.

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