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In 2014, Biotherm revolutionizes the facial oils landscape with Skin.Best Liquid Glow.

The Luxonomist. 23/01/2015
Biotherm Liquid Glow
Biotherm Liquid Glow
Biotherm Liquid Glow

Our first instant complexion reviving oil for younger skins for an instant lively glow and visible youth-protection. In an uncommon dry oil texture that leaves skin with a silky touch. Tackling the three enemies to glowing skin, dryness, dullness and premature aging – Liquid Glow illuminates, nourishes and protects the skin.

Each drop is concentrated with one of the most powerful antioxidants Astaxanthin, to warm up the skin tone – thanks to the red color of this algae extract – and fight against premature aging. Liquid Glow is a bespoke skincare oil, a multi-use product for multiple benefits. The oil can be customized to a skin’s particular needs at any one time. From one drop blended into your regular moisturizer care to boost your glow and fight against oxidation to four drops as a recovery mask, choose the dose for the benefit your skin needs. It is quickly absorbed into skin, non-greasy and gives skin an instant healthy glow plus radiant complexion for three out four of them.

When it comes to skincare, few products are as divisive as facial oils. When you’re young, oil is practically a dirty word, the common thinking is that oils are for one skin type, mature; come in one texture, greasy, and are for one use only, slathering on at night-time. And that they bring skin one single benefit: nutrition. Biotherm develops Liquid Glow, an oil that’s different in texture, in use, in benefit and its target customer. Proof that oil doesn’t necessarily mean oily, Liquid Glow smoothes on to skin, leaving a non-oily dry, silky touch finish. Liquid Glow is a bespoke skincare oil for multiple use day – thanks to its non-greasy texture – or night. Depending on your skin’s condition, Liquid Glow can be used in higher or lower doses.

Biotherm Liquid Glow
Biotherm Liquid Glow

Its orange color instantly gives the skin its glow back – while its high antioxidant protection helping keep skin glowing for longer. With its focus on visible youth-protection and its exceptional dry oil texture, Liquid Glow is formulated for younger skins, and for all skin types. Yes, even oily. With Astaxanthin high concentrations at 20-times the level of the Skin. Best Serum, Liquid Glow is like a Liquid antioxidant. Put onto skin for defence against premature aging. One of the world’s powerful antioxidants, Astaxanthin is 100X superior to Vitamin E. This algae extract boosts the skin cell’s antioxidant and UV-protection properties for healthier, younger-looking skin. This micro-algae extract, simultaneously helps fight UVA oxidative stress, photo-aging and UVB-induced hyper-pigmentation.

Astaxanthin is 10 times more effective than other carotenoids, such as β-carotene in inhibiting the lipid peroxidation process, the process via which free radicals damage the skin’s cells. Tailor-make your skincare routine according to your skin’s particular needs now. Choose the number of drops for the result you want.

  1. DROP: YOUR SKINCARE BOOSTER Blend one drop with your daily skincare to add a touch of glow on your skin and an antioxidant power.
  2. DROPS: ALL-DAY GLOW. Apply daily to boost your skin’s glow and anti-ox protection.
  3. DROPS: NIGHT-TIME DETOX. Massage in for a skin purified as detoxified upon waking.
  4. DROPS: FOR RADIANCE RECOVERY. Use as a mask to recharge the skin’s batteries.


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