Sukhoi International, a leading Russian company in the luxury sector

Russians are not just consumers of expensive and exclusive luxury goods. They also want to be one of the main producers.

Abel Amón. 22/01/2015
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Due to the pressure of sanctions from main Western countries on Russia , as well as to the burden of the devaluation of the Rouble (so far in 2015 felt by 15% on dollar terms), the IMF has just revised downwards its growth prospects for Russian G NP, and a contraction of 3% for this year is expected.

Vladimir Putin’s government is trying to promote local industries to replace imported production. One of the key sectors is aerospace industry. Aeroflot has already announced to acquire more models of Sukhoi International. This company besides producing conventional commercial aviation models, also offers exclusive private jets.

Sukhoi SuperJet International, a joint venture between Russian aviation company Sukhoi and Alenia Aermacchi Holdings, member of the Italian aviation Finmeccanica. Alenia is a privately held company which has a turnover of around EUR 3 billion and  EBITDA of about EUR 200 million. The organization is dedicated to marketing, sales and support of the Sukhoi Superjet 100, a regional jet fly-by-wire in the category of 75-95 seats. It is one the 5 most exclusive super luxury jet manufactured in the world. The aircraft is designed to compete internationally with their counterparts AN-148, Embraer and Bombardier, with a price of approximately 35 million USD.

But it is traditional commercial aviation the sector where Sukhoi International is growing faster. Aeroflot  and  Sukhoi Civil Aircraft  have signed an agreement to supply 20 Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100’s advanced aircraft (SSJ100), the press service of the company said. The supply contract was signed by the Director General of  Aeroflot  Vitaly Saveliev and President of the Board of  Directors of «Sukhoi» Mikhail Pogosyan.

Vitaly Saveliev, said «I can safely say that today, that Aeroflot signed major domestic air transport agreement to acquire at once, twenty aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100. As a result, the number of production aircraft national park in our company reaches fifty units, this can be considered an innovative event in the field of Russian civil aviation.

Superjet 100, Sukhoi. Foto:


This transaction is fully compliant with the policy of import substitution, appointed by President Putin. I want to reiterate that Aeroflot – a socially responsible company, and our plans are closely related to the challenges facing the entire country. We do not just offer support for the Russian aviation industry. We do also a very profitable in the country’s future. Aeroflot will allow the Russians to fly in modern local aircrafts».

In turn, Mikhail Pogosyan, President of the Board of Directors of «Sukhoi Int» said: «At the current stage of development of the SSJ-100 program Aeroflot decision to increase its fleet with  50 more aircrafts – is not only a sign of confidence from one of the key actors in innovation in the aviation market of Russia, but also demonstrates the operational efficiency of the liner. Aeroflot and Sukhoi did a great job in introducing the SSJ-100 and its operation, and I am sure that the new aircraft will become an effective tool for developing regional airline routes».

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