Volupté Tint In Oil

YSL Beauté charts a new territory in lip wear by combining the benefits and sensuousness of oil with the beautifying effect of colour.

The Luxonomist. 21/01/2015
Volupté Tint In Oil
Volupté Tint In Oil
Volupté Tint In Oil

YSL Beauté charts a new territory in lip wear by combining the benefits and sensuousness of oil with the beautifying effect of colour. Tint, gloss, lip balm… Never before has lip makeup reconciled long-lasting power, comfortable texture, nourishing properties and bright colours in this way.

YSL Beauté, the heartland of cosmetic innovation, presents VOLUPTÉ TINT-IN-OIL, a whole new way to make up lips with a new generation texture. No sensation of dry lips. No sticky texture. No rapid colour fade. A new dawn for a bold lip expression. Bridging the gap between care and colour, VOLUPTÉ TINT-IN-OIL binds the nourishing effects of oil with invigorating lip colours for an ultra sexy ‘bitten lip’ effect.

Its oil texture glides on like a liquid bubble. Lips are nurtured, voluminous and full. Its formula offers a profusion of durable colour that lasts for vibrant lips. Cocooned inside the oils is a radiant light, the light that lies at the very heart of YSL Beauté, to enhance the true beauty in every woman.

YSL Beauté has designed an opaque silver bottle to preserve and protect the unique formula of VOLUPTÉ TINT-IN-OIL. Like a treasure, it comes belted with a glinting ring stamped with the ‘Cassandre’ logo – a symbol of luxury and style, an emblem of the brand.The precious formula lies in absolute darkness, ready to disperse a hit of sublime colour in one simple swipe. Uplifting, playful and seductive.

An icon in the VOLUPTÉ family, the patented ‘bouche à bouche’ applicator has all the softness of a kiss. With its sensuous curves and mini-reservoir nestled within, it glides effortlessly over every shape of lip to deliver the perfect measure of VOLUPTÉ TINT-IN-OIL. A feminine and voluptuous gesture. Intuitive, with no need for a mirror, an accessory to have at hand on every occasion for the Yves Saint Laurent woman.

Volupté Tint In Oil. Make clic to buy
Volupté Tint In Oil. Make clic to buy

The pioneering formula of VOLUPTÉ TINT-IN-OIL features two unique facets:As an element, oil is tricky to capture and hard to grasp. It dictates its own environment. Although oil and tint naturally repel each other, YSL Beauté has conceived of a way for opposites to attract, compelling these two ingredients to work effectively as one. That’s when the magic happens.

COLOUR LINK INFUSER is an ultra-stabilizing technology developed by YSL Beauté for its ability to disperse and homogeneously solubilize colour particles in oil to create a hybrid formula. The colour pigments are captured within the oils to dispense an ever-evolving burst of liquid lip colour. The oils slowly disappear but the pop of colour stays true.

Smooth, rich and divine, oil is the undisputed agent of moisture and a salubrious skin softener. VOLUPTÉ TINT-IN-OIL’s formula is a specialist combination of 5 nourishing oils that help deliver colour while caring for the lips:

  • Apricot Kernel oil
  • Macadamia Seed oil
  • Coriander Fruit oil
  • Jojoba Seed oil
  • Passion Flower oil.

The precious Passion Flower is known for its incredible nutritive properties. Historically cultivated in the Majorelle Garden in Morocco – a place held dear to Mr. Yves Saint Laurent – it blooms only in daylight and fades at night, waiting for the energizing light of the sun.

The VOLUPTÉ TINT-IN-OIL blend, enriched with Passion Flower extract, helps nourish the lips and prevent them from dehydrating. Lips are cared for, soft to the touch and wonderfully nourished after application. Their natural beauty is preserved throughout the day.

The unique colour tint – parcelled within the oils – awakens on contact with the lips and interacts with the lip tone, creating one’s own bespoke colour finish. The tint evolves and the colour of VOLUPTÉ TINT-IN-OIL becomes even more vibrant after application. The natural shade of the lips is enhanced with a universally flattering glow.

Volupté Tint In Oil. Make clic to buy
Volupté Tint In Oil. Make clic to buy

With VOLUPTÉ TINT-IN-OIL, YSL Beauté introduces a playground of thrilling colour. A mini collection of 8 easy-to-wear shades. 8 invitations to enjoy the intimate pleasure of lip care and colour.Its fruity mango scent – the VOLUPTÉ family’s distinctive olfactive signature – whets the appetite and intensifies the pleasure of applying and wearing it.


“VOLUPTÉ TINT-IN-OIL is ultra-comfortable with a soothing feeling on the lips. It’s more like a liquid lip balm than a gloss or a stain. It creates volume and erases texture on the lips with a beautiful shine. It’s great for people who might be afraid of colour as it’s super natural. Just choose the colour you love to fully express yourself and your personality. Balms, glosses and stains generally tend to achieve only one effect, rather than several effects together. VOLUPTÉ TINT-IN-OIL perfectly combines colour, shine and absolute comfort”,Lloyd Simmonds, Creative Director Makeup YSL Beauté says.


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