Wedding in the Countryside? Guess full

We give tips and ideas necessary to make your outfit in your celebration is a success from start to finish.

Boda de Kate Moss. Foto: vogue
Boda de Olivia Palermo
Wedding Olivia Palermo. Click to buy

Olivia Palermo, It girl par excellence on both sides of the Atlantic, were married in a ceremony on the countryside. In Bedford, Bedfordshire County in England, (Great Britain), seeking an intimate, romantic and with a twist ceremony. Although she gave in the case of more than one atypical and innovative design signed by Carolina Herrera , blue touch, in this case the Royal Hangisi Manolo Blahnik Satin Pump, the same as Carrie Bradshaw standing as a first piece her new wardrobe and used in her  first marriage to Mr. Big, that’s to a good start! The ponytail hairstyle … To me could not like  me anymore.

If there is someone who organizes wonderful countryside weddings are the English. They have all the infrastructure to any detail is covered and lots of custom to celebrate them and go to them. Therefore also the decor looks, outfits of  participants and other ideas can inspire you when organizing or attending your wedding . You have thousands of examples like Kate Moss wedding in which the young ladies were so cute.

Boda de Kate Moss. Foto: vogue
Kate Moss wedding. (Photo: Vogue)

In Spain there are many habit of weddings in the countryside or in small towns and hermitages near a different types of mansions in the countryside. In terms of infrastructure we are also covered. There are companies that will organize every detail with style, exquisite dedication and professionalism! This is the time of year that most weddings at countryside are celebrated. Within this kind of weddings are also held in the garden of a house, a restaurant, etc.

As summer arrives, we will begin with weddings and parties on the beach, on yachts,  and in fantastic resorts. What should I wear? I advise a natural attire, with a romantic touch and inspired by nature. There are several basic tips that you can not neglect:

Tres modelos de Max Mara ideales para las bodas en el campo. Vestido corto, vestido largo floral y mono. Haz clic sobre sus nombres para comprarlos
Three models of Max Mara ideal for weddings in the countryside. Short, long dress and cute floral dress Cady. Click on their names to buy

1.-Clothing. Dress code. Schedule.
Usually it will be described the dress code requiring the couple to be held. If not, Be guided by the schedule. It’s a great opportunity to go for flowers and spring picnics and details. Play with your height and figure. Do not choose bold prints with large pictures if you are short or have not completed the operation bikini. Nor is time for typical strapless, the maximum that is allowed are some thin straps.

If you like the smooth pastel tones give it a try: baby blue, makeup, dusty pink, aqua, mauve, etc. This year they are trend. Rhinestones prevents tissue, one thing is a little detail on the collar, cuffs, waist, … but do not go to rich and Baroque fabrics. Day choose a short dress, knee or slightly above. Suitable to your legs, as I always say, «with long enough for you can sit and feel comfortable.» If it is too short be vulgar and mid-calf length if you do not have a leg in kilometers and an impressive style be too timid.

Zapatos azules y zapatos nude de Jimmy Choo y sandalias planas de Giuseppe Zanotti. Haz clic para comprar
Blue shoes and nude shoes Jimmy Choo and flat sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti. Click to buy

2. Shoes.
The maximum established as correct for these events are summarized in that bet on comfortable shoes, flat or some pumps with medium heel. The idea of ​​this «maximum» is that the shoe is comfortable because you walk by surfaces which in many cases are not perfectly flat and you can get to make a sprained if not careful. The idea lounges with flat shoes or medium heel is that you probably have to walk over the lawn, paved roads or in the ring and do not manches feet or to sink your heels. Mine is not in pre-established maximum encorsetarme if not, we would move ever- I like to see the reason for them to stay with the good and give my touch.

We have said in other posts that shoes should always be comfortable for the wearer, even with 16 cm heels. Yes, it is better to leave the high heels at home, but more than that can stick his heel on the ground, because it’s awful to go to the field in high heels. The idea of ​​nailing the heels on the field, I notice, are also rivets medium size according to your weight will make it more or less.

Normally, when a party in the countryside, is already scheduled to guests do not have to go through areas where they were going to nail heels is organized. Carpets and walkways  are put. So I suggest that you get some nice shoes that go elegant, than a very high heels, and fail because this is one of the occasions when the range is very wide and can be used from a flat jewel sandal, a pair of pumps or heels 8-10 cm. I selected these three models that can go with any of the looks that I have proposed above. Of course, forget the shoes or fabric covered. At 3 steps out of the car and you’ve spotted to pull will not end when the wedding, but at the same time. Nor they are suitable for the field.

Pendientes y pulsera de Tiffany. Haz clic para comprar
Tiffany earrings and bracelet. Click to buy

3. Accessories.
Jewelry or jewelry. Do not wear anything too exaggerated, and although many things are small. With a touch will do. You go to -of course feast, yes but the countryside. A couple, maximum three pieces of jewelry / jewelery. I do not «leave you» more and less if you bring touched or pamela! I propose these pieces (photo up) that will look good with the outfit you choose. You can forget the clock and at any time you’re invited. You are not Cinderella. How good and beautiful it is your watch, it’s not the time.

Bag: With a leather briefcase will suffice. You can also carry a small purse of which are hung with a chain and they have the option of putting it inside. I propose this suede Jimmy Choo nude color and metallic embellishment sculptural designs that goes great with any outfits.

Take a shawl, bolero or jacket in harmony with the costume and other accessories for evening, in the field always does more cold and although’re at least in a perfectly conditioned tent, the way back to the car can be unpleasant without this add. If you opt for the shawl: Do not choose the same fabric as the dress please!

Clutch Jimmy Choo. Haz clic para comprarlo
Jimmy Choo clutch. Click to buy

Pamela touched or headdresses. There are several rules on the use of pamela played and which will be discussed in another post. But generally we give here a few touches. For a link in spring morning I advise you to take pamela or headdresses, provided that the dress code permits and other guests do basically the grooms family. Pamela is supported only in the morning and played all day until «20.00.

The protocol requires that the hat is used with gloves. Look at the pictures of the royal wedding and the guests will see when not wearing them, take them in hand. It is true that today we skipped some rules, making more flexible the protocol. If there is a quintessential designer and milliner, Philip Treacy is. I love his designs!  you can buy through their website. For looks I have chosen pamela I advise this on their site.

Tocado de Philip Treacy. Haz clic para comprarlo
Philip Treacy headdress. Click to buy

At the morning I do not advise to wear long suit. Unless you’re one of the sisters of the couple. I not advise you to take the hat with this outfit, but that is good, no doubt. It’s a great opportunity to use a headdress of flowers or a tiara with ornaments. There are thousands of designs on the market, as they are fully trend. 

Therefore I propose for the long suit a headdress of flowers that I like very much this one , done here in Madrid. They are made to order and also have more at store. In the posts of brimmed hats and headdresses we talk at length about the best sites and brands from Spain and the rest of Europe. I propose for the long suit a headdress of flowers that I like very much this one done here in Madrid.

Tocados Rita Von. Haz clic para comprarlos
Rita Von headdress. Click to buy

4. Makeup: Commitment to simplicity. Sober but favored.
For the day: I recommend a makeup in neutral colors, so you can combine with any dress. Do not forget to apply sunscreen and enlightening -corrector. A background of bright and light Lightening. Eyeshadow in gold and colored pencil on your eyes. Mascara. Applies a brown-pink blush tones. Lips nude with golden highlights and a touch of gloss to give volume.

For the night: Neutral but intense colors. Matte foundation concealer and highlighter-not want brillos-. T. compacts in the area. Eyeshadow in gold and your dress or your eyes. Mascara. LabiosTonos for red or pink, Sergun your skin type, eyes and hair.

Sombras Dior para el día y nuevo Rouge de Dior para la noche. Haz clic para comprar
Dior shades for day and new Rouge Dior for the night. Click to buy

5.  hairstyle
You can afford a more natural hairstyle and not as structured as a «classic» environment. Her hair is fine, but hairstyle! You have to take into account elements such as wind or heat you can not control as easily as in a city. So do not get nervous if you are curling the hair from the heat or if you come all the hair to face danger and even your makeup I recommend a very casual semirecogido or collected.

With braids, buns to semideshechos hand, also be your alidado if you want to put some embellishment, a floral touch, a headdress or hat and even a tie. Water waves or curls semideshechos are also very useful as they give a romantic air and mane is always controlled without lacquer or products that make a hard look.

Diadema de Rosantica y recoido
Rosantica headband and gold ornament collected by Sister’s. Click to buy

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