Yes I Want, I Want Linen (Yes I Do, I Do Linen)

In Spain, besides great performers there are excellent masters of the needle; designers capable of creating a unique dress and a dream.

The Luxonomist. 30/04/2015
Ulises Mérida
Ulises Mérida S/S 2015. Click for more information

The 18th edition of the Malaga Film Festival has left us pictures worthy of being remembered, a red carpet, in which the celebrities who have walked are the most promising in the national constellation and a special confirmation that in Spain, besides great performers there are excellent masters of the needle; designers capable of creating a unique dress and a dream.

Absolute verification that the Spanish couturier keeps innovating and is able to surprise, came this time from the fabrics. We have seen on the carpet and after the sunset how the linen success among the night outfits, makes a difference and offers an architecture a different design and possibilities unknown until now.

Ruth Díaz y Novia de Lino - Ulises Mérida
Actress Ruth Díaz and «Bride of Ropes and Lino» by Ulises Mérida. Click for more information

The so-called Linum usitatissimum, that has the origin in the regions of the Nile, Euphrates and Tigris rivers, an herbaceous plant of the family linaceae, that was given the adjective of beautiful for it´s permanent wrinkle has made the difference.

Ulises Merida, who already showed in his Pulsar collection in the latest edition of Madrid Fashion Week how linen went up the catwalks, at night and weddings, has been responsible for showing that a red carpet of the seventh art with a linen dress asymmetrical cut and tricolor is an original option that leaves no one indifferent.

And he has also reminded us that a bride in linen, surrounded by strings is a valid option, different and most importantly simple and sexy at the same time.

Marta Etura - Ulises Mérida
Marta Etura wears a Ulises Mérida in the closing ceremony of the Malaga Film Festival 2015. Click for more information

When spring is consolidating, all colors are in fashion. There are no trends but designs; no seasonal colors, but emotional states and especially designers who understand what you represent and what you want to show.

A complete Pantonera of colors has walked the carpet of Malaga’s Film Festival during all week. As a pact of national pride, we can understand the choice of most of our national celebrities, the best exponents of the seventh art for the leading couturiers of our current design.

Mónica Estarreado de Ulises Mérida
Monica Estarreado wears a Ulises Mérida in the closing ceremony of the Malaga Film Festival 2015

Talent holding talent’s hand, Marca España (Spain as a Brand) at its finest without nothing disturbing the perfect synergy between the two arts: films and fashion. Cyan blue, red fusion, midnight blue, geometric prints and dresses cut in one stroke, “haute couture” upgraded to architectural shapes and respect for natural fabrics, the legacy of classic design suitable to create new ways and new conceptions of women.

As a picture of Arcimboldo, with all its colors, and optical illusions. This has been the red carpet, this is the cinema.


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