Blue Facebook, Red Coca-Cola…Marca España

I believe that today nobody think that things must continue the same, looking for the security of experience.

Lourdes Delgado. 11/03/2015
Coca Cola. Photo: Coca Cola

This week has been news Mark Zuckerberg in Barcelona. In this city a student asked him, what I have to do to work to Facebook?  He answered more or less – To be able to sharing ideas with all people to make better the life to anybody, and connecting people”. I will only give work to someone, if I am able to work with him. Would I be happy working with this person? He doesn’t look for people adapting to him, but he is able to establish synergies.

Also, I have found the opinion accoding to Jaione Berraondo, Miss Tailor  about the marketing tendencies of retail in 2015.

  • The market of retails is more and more changing.
  • The business must adapt itselves to the customer.
  • The customers are very proactive and selective to choose brands and business.
Cristina Piña, 2015 collection. Make clic to buy

Now, I believe that today nobody think that things must continue the same, looking for the security of experience. The disruption is a risk, but it is the method of the future. Good news about the new look of Coca-Cola. The brand of drinks has chosen a Spanish team for branding.  This is a great success to Spanish creative’s.

During two years, the creative professionals have been working in “Masterbrand”. The project has been showed in Madrid the last 5th of march. Coca-cola is recognized by 94% of the world population, I think it has won Pantone sign of the design world, RED Coca-Cola. After the presentation, the new Coca-Cola will be commercialized in the whole world with a Spanish design.

Acosta, Carmen bag. Make clic to buy

Marca España has to be like this: Good ideas, good marketing, and good experience. As the re-edition of Acosta’s Carmen bag, according to tendencies of market. We have to believe in ideas, because this changes the world.  Today the fashion is the way of communication ideas.

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