Why smoking is the worst enemy for your teeth

Tobacco smoke has become one of our greatest enemies, making our health and cosmetic dentistry worse.

Doctor Jorge Escobar. 27/05/2015
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According to WHO, it is estimated that 4.9 million of people die every year as a consequence of smoking, being this one the main cause of premature mortality in developed countries. If this trend continues, it is expected to provoke 10 million deaths by 2030.

Since World No Tobacco Day will be celebrated on May 31st, it is important to remember that smoking is one of the most harmful habits for oral health. First of all, tooth enamel is damaged so our teeth lose their natural whitening and not only our health suffers but also our self-esteem and confidence.

When the blood supply is reduced in the gums, inflammation are more severe than normal

Additionally, another important factor to be considered is that, due to the reduced flow of blood on gums, the inflammation might appear smaller than what really is. In this way, periodontal diseases are hidden and we avoid receiving an early diagnosis from a professional.

Not only is this problem with hidden inflammation on gums but these are also affected by the high amount of toxic substances present in tobacco smoke. These chemicals (it is estimated that there are more than 4000, and many of them are carcinogens) lower our defenses against bacteria which increase onset periodontal diseases like gingivitis or pyorrhea, both very common in smokers.

Due to high amount of bacteria in the mouth, toxic substances and dryness of the mucous in the respiratory tracts, smokers are more likely to suffer halitosis, an uncomfortable and unsightly affection that isn’t going unnoticed.

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The high amount of toxic present in the tobacco influence ailments

Last but not least, it should be kept in mind that any dental treatment will be affected by tobacco, with the resultant risk four our oral health and our pocket. For dental implants, smoking is especially harmful because the risk of rejection increases and it can also reduce the effectiveness to remain them healthy and functioning after surgery.

In short, smoking has become one of our worst enemies, worsening our health and physical appearance, two essential factors to enjoy perfect teeth. Nowadays, there are many options to beat this harmful addiction that can make us lose our smile.

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