Luxury Protection on Luxury Phones

F-Secure brings its best protection to luxury phones by providing yearlong subscriptions for a number of the company's security products to owners of Tonino Lamborghini's mobile phones.

The Luxonomist. 30/06/2015
Fsecure 1
F-Secure SAFE. (Photo: F-Secure) Click for more information

F-Secure is now working with Tonino Lamborghini to protect people using the luxury brand’s line of mobile phones. Users of luxury electronics are potential targets for increasingly sophisticated attacks, and need the high-quality protection offered by F-Secure’s software to keep their personal data safe and secure.

The agreement between the cybersecurity vendor and the mobile phone provider will see F-Secure provide Tonino Lamborghini phone buyers with yearlong subscriptions to a number of its consumer security products. The past few years have seen an increase in the capabilities of attackers to execute highly targeted attacks, such as spear-phishing and whaling campaigns, that can target high-level executives or other specific targets. These attacks are statistically very effective – the open rate for a spear-phishing email is 70%, and these campaigns offer cybercriminals a 50% conversion rate.

Tonino Lamborgini 1
The Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri. Click for more information

«Personal data has become a key resource for attackers, and people really need to re-examine the assumptions they have about their security and privacy,» said Samu Konttinen, F-Secure Executive Vice President, Consumer Security. «Attackers can buy personal data stolen by other hackers and combine that with details they learn about people from social media. This allows attackers to target potential victims with a degree of sophistication most people aren’t expecting, and the end result is an attack by con artists disguised as a fairly detailed personal or business correspondence.»

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The Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri. Click for more information

The deal will give Tonino Lamborghini customers a variety of tools they can use to prevent becoming victims of these attacks. The products being offered to Tonino Lamborghini customers include F-Secure SAFEF-Secure BoosterF-Secure Key, and F-Secure Freedome. Offering these services to people buying Tonino Lamborghini mobile devices will make it easy for them to stay protected in a threat landscape that’s becoming increasingly efficient at collecting and using personal data in various cybercrimes.

Fsecure 2
F-Secure Key. Click for more information

According to Konttinen, bringing F-Secure’s protection to Tonino Lamborghini phone users will show the luxury electronics market that good security can be seamlessly integrated with stylish, high-quality products. «People don’t really want to deal with awkward software when they pay for a luxury item. Working with Tonino Lamborghini to provide their customers with the best protection available is an easy way to address this problem. The elegant design of products like F-Secure SAFE and Freedome fit right in with the premium experience people pay for – it’s luxury protection for luxury phone users.»

Tonino Lamborghini Mobile is the division of the Tonino Lamborghini Group dedicated to production and sales of luxury signature mobile phones and headphones.

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