From Coco Chanel to Instagram Event Cruises are a Must!!!

Going through the Rhine with select groups of opera lovers who search for the inspiration spots for Wagner who composed the Ring Cycle is the top selection for the world best and brightest.

Beatrice Rangel. 01/10/2015

While no one can corroborate the accuracy of the account most gossipers; insiders and pundits seem to coincide that event cruises saw the light under the aegis of romance between the Duke of Westminster and Coco Chanel. Indeed, Hugh Richard Arthur Grosvenor, 2nd Duke of Westminster was introduced in 1925 to Gabrielle Chanel and instantly fell in love with the acclaimed designer. The liaison  lasted 10 years and would have seen the till God us depart bit had it not been for Chanel’s refusal to become the wife of one of the world richest men which, to her mind, was boring. Her dismissal of marriage did not give the Duke cold feet.

Coco 1
Coco Chanel and the Duke of Westminster.

On the contrary, it incensed his desires to tie the knot. In order to reach such goal  he took her on a cruise of the French Riviera staffed with the best violin ensemble, the best chef and a 5 carat emerald to propose. Legend says that the night of the event Mademoiselle Chanel was wearing the most exquisite red  chiffon dress.

Coco 2
Coco Chanel and the Duke of Westminster on his yacht, 1928.

Legend also says that at the time of the proposal Chanel took the ring ; placed it in her hand and then threw it overboard saying ”this does not match”. The first event cruise was  instantly born!!!  It does not really matter whether the story is true. What matters is the impact of the legend.

Queen Elisabeth
Queen Elizabeth at the Ship Naming Ceremony.

Right after the story was gossiped around European society circles, the Queen Elizabeth began to offer proposal cruises. And many other cruise lines followed suit. Eventually travel agencies began to create proposal excursions and the tradition left the domains of exclusivity to become part and parcel of daily life for aspiring lovers.

Crucero 2
Rhine Cruises.

Today event cruising seems to be going through a revival. Rapidly ascending tech entrepreneurs who have had little time to know the world are discarding the “If it is Thursday it must be Belgium” tours to favor more expensive and enriching traveling experiences. Cruising presents several advantages over air cum surface tours. It allows travelers to hold to a sleeping premise for several days thereby eliminating the hassle of daily packing and unpacking; it opens the doors to night life everywhere the cruise stops and it allows to engage in deeper and richer exchanges with local people and their culture. European River Cruises are the top attraction. Going through the Rhine with select groups of opera lovers who search for the inspiration spots for Wagner who composed the Ring Cycle is the top selection for the world best and brightest.

Crucero 3
Danube Cruise. Click for more information

Romantics prefer the Danube and its resonances to the fairy tale empire of Franz Joseph and his Sissi. For those who covet gourmet cuisine the Loire is a must. Environmental soldiers cannot avoid a cruise to either of the earth poles. More recently world class sports , cultural or historic events are gaining increased traction as cruising destinations.  All these theme cruises are carefully prepared to ensure restaurant reservations and event tickets to the best that every destination has to offer. Limousines and museum private tours are also part of the experience. A College professor majoring in the region or the historical plot covered by the cruise is on board to direct and prepare passengers for the experience.

Crucero 4
Celebrity Cruises. Click for more information

Reflecting these developments, Celebrity Cruises added a new series of «Signature Event Sailings» to its 2015 collection, joining several other cruise lines, such as Windstar, Azamara Club Cruises and Silversea, which have already designated portions of their cruising portfolio to itineraries focused on history; anniversaries and events. «We are seeing a trend in cruisers who are looking for opportunities to immerse themselves in a destination’s culture. Cruise lines are responding by creating itineraries that coincide with worldwide events,» explained Christine Duffy, president and CEO of the Cruise Lines International Association. See you on board !!!!!

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