Political Nemesis; Style Chummys!!

Fashion also becomes electoral weapon in the presidential campaign.

Beatrice Rangel. 10/10/2016

When FDR responded acidly to Wendell Wilkie‘s claim that he was socializing energy in the United States, the public felt the President was failing to observe the rules of civility imposed by the stature of the office he represented. When Mr Wilkie replied, the public felt he was being disrespectful to the institution of the Presidency of the United States and asked for self-restraint. Those citizens would certainly drop dead nowadays should they listen to daily exchanges between Mr Trump and President Barack Obama. To be fair, Mr Trump initiated the attacks.

Martin Greenfield obama con trajes
Barack Obama and his family

Very early in the campaign trail he has been finger pointing at the White House dweller as the creator of ISIS; the promoter of decay and the creator of health care chaos. And President Obama had exhibited great fortitude in the face of this adversity while displaying great self-restrain to suffocate his emotions. In short, he -for the better part of the campaign journey- adhered to the stiff upper lip culture so well practiced by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. But then there was the Democratic Convention and President Obama felt liberated. After all his party already has a standard bearer and he is about to leave Pennsylvania Avenue to embark on the creation of his library in Chicago. In short, he is about to recuperate his freedom of opinion and easiness of middle class life. He could afford to put Mr Trump in his place and so he has.

Donald Trump

None of his fellow democrats except for Hillary Clinton have launched stronger opinions on Mr Trump than president Obama who does not lose a minute to underline the unfitness of the Republican candidate to the Office of the Presidency. Whether he is addressing the girl scouts or the heads of state of the Group of 20, President Obama finds a space to launch his darts against Mr Trump. Curiously enough Mr Trump has been far more engaged in responding comments by former Ms Universe Alicia Machado than in responding to President Obama.

Martin Greenfield sastreria
Martin Greenfield Clothiers

As the insult rain proceeds one tends to cast the audio off to concentrate in the body language of these two leaders. And by doing this on ends making a very important discovery: they both are addict to the same designers. Brioni and Martin Greenfield Clothiers. This tells us that style wise they are not apart at all. But it also tells us that president Obama has the upper hand in exerting his clothing choice. Indeed, to begin with Mr Trump cannot continue to tout that need for all of us to buy American when he is buying Italian.


Second, Brioni designs suit young and slim men. By resorting to this label instead of, for example Brooks Brothers, Mr Trump is underlining two features he should under quote: age and fitness. President Obama, on the contrary looks wonderful in his Brioni’s because he is fully global and fully slim.

As far as Martin Greenfield is concerned, the label has done wonders to develop in President Obama his differentiating attribute: understated elegance and cool. But in Mr Trump’s case the label has failed to create a sprit or a public persona that goes well his bossy penchant. Nevertheless, as the political dual continues, both labels are going to be seen as sources of power for many.

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