Combat Thinning-Damaged Hair

BIOTA Botanicals set out to take the pulse of American women regarding how they really feel about their hair – especially as they (and it) ages.

The Luxonomist. 12/10/2015

Women love their hair. They devote time, energy and money to helping it feel and look its best. It’s even a means of self-expression, sometimes more so than a woman’s clothing. According to the national consumer survey, most women 30+ have already noticed and worry about the density of their hair as they age. In fact, more women are concerned about thinning-damaged hair than they are about going grey (58% vs. 51%). Many say that the condition is embarrassing and a clear-cut sign of getting older, and most agree that it’s an unpreventable fate.

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Says Kelli Calabrese, renowned health, beauty and lifestyle expert, “The problem with thinning-damaged hair is not always what’s visible,” she says. “It’s how it rocks a woman’s self-esteem. For women, who put so much emotional value on their hair, it can be absolutely devastating for their self image and emotional well-being.”

There is good news to be had. The BIOTA survey indicates respondents won’t give up if they start to notice changes in the density of their hair. Quite the opposite! Women will fight to maintain what they have, nurture it and strive to keep their hair looking the best possible.

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BIOTA Botanicals. Click for more information

One simple way to combat thinning-damaged hair can be found right in the hair care aisle. BIOTA Botanicals Advanced Herbal Care line of shampoos, conditioner and leave-in serum, with the exclusive ingredient Herbal BioComplex B11, a unique, proprietary blend of herbal extracts with naturally occurring minerals and essential fatty acids that work by nourishing the scalp. This powerful blend brings new hope to those who want to combat thinning-damaged hair, helping in the fight to maintain and encourage stronger, more resilient hair.

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