Diamond, the Natura Bissé Exquisite Cosmetic Collection

Immediate results with our products, unforgettable experiences with our treatments… sharing luxury and surprise for women in all stages of their life.

20 years ago, Natura Bissé, a family-owned skincare company founded in Barcelona, landed in the US within Neiman Marcus. From the beginning they trusted in the high potential of an exquisite brand leader in research, development and innovation, both in the professional and retail markets.

Natura 2
Natura Bissé Diamond.

Natura Bissé started with just five creams and now the company sells more than 150 skincare products at the most renowned points of sale in over 25 countries. Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Barneys… Harrods in the UK, Palacio de Hierro in Mexico… Astonishing spas at some of the most amazing hotels such as The Beverly Wilshire Resort & Spa Hotel in LA, Boca Raton Resort Resort & Spa in Florida, The Houstonian Hotel in Houston… All of them and many others have been charmed by the wow effect of a unique brand, committed not only to beauty, but also to the health and the future of your skin. Natura Bissé gives us the following tips:

Natura 4
Natura Bissé Diamond Extreme / Natura Bissé Diamond Mist.

1. What are the points of difference with Natura Bissé skincare?
«Immediate results with our products, unforgettable experiences with ourtreatments… sharing luxury and surprise for women in all stages of their life. As experts, we feel a huge responsibility to share our knowledge with all of the amazing women who feel their skin is a true reflection of their inner beauty. It is the very nature of Natura Bissé, providing long lasting relationships with our specialists and therapists. Natura Bisse is not just about the company, or the products or our treatments… it is a culture of responsible luxury for the future of your skin.»

Natura 3
Natura Bissé Diamond.

2. Why is it so important to choose skincare carefully?
«The skin is our body’s largest organ… its alive; it feels, it reacts and it reflects every circumstance of life. Our skin is our protective barrier against daily external agressors and tells the story of our lives. Over the years, we change our style, our hair, our clothes but our skin is our truest and most important accessory.»

Natura 5
Natura Bissé Glyco Extreme Peel / Natura Bissé Diamond White Serum.

3. What is most unique about Natura Bisse’s perspective on beauty?
«We understand the importance of the skin as a reflection of health and this continues to be our inspiration. Skin care is our soul and the core of our passion. We don’t create color or fragrance, concentrating all of our resources to producing the most effective skincare in the market. We are skin care artisans; it is our craft and our heritage.»

Natura 6
Natura Bissé Diamond Whitening System.

4. Natura Bissé is a luxury skincare brand. What does “luxury” mean to you?
«It is so exciting to see that a new concept of luxury has been born. Luxury has become a higher value…not just things that we want to own, but what we crave to be happy. TIME, for example. Our clients know the definable luxury of having the most effective skincare regime personalized to their concern, their desire and their time. And that’s the reason why each of our products and experiences are a reflection of our unwavering commitment to their desires and expectations. New luxury is measured by the appearance of the skin.»

Natura 7
Natura Bissé Diamond Life Infusion / Natura Bissé Diamond White SPF50 Oil Free Brilliant Protection.

5. For someone who is new to the brand, what specific products would you recommend they experience?
«From the most dedicated skincare lovers to the most simplistic, the GLYCO EXTREME PEEL is the modern exfoliator that offers the most professional and efficient results for home care for every skin. Our most iconic line is the DIAMOND COLLECTION, created as a global anti-aging treatment and celebrated worldwide as the jewel of luxury skincare. But diversity in treatment options is our strength, developing over 150 products within retail and professional levels to pinpoint exact results for every skin.»


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