Be Seduced By The Emotional Odontology

Emotional odontology is a new style of the understanding of the treatment, where the dentist is much more than just a doctor.

Doctor Jorge Escobar. 22/05/2015

Showing a healthy, attractive and long-lasting smile is something that is set as a goal by the people who actually understand the thin relationship between beauty, health and happiness.

Definitely, having a beautiful and healthy smile can actually change your life, it makes us feel self-confident, improves our social relationships, makes us look more attractive and it let us show the image of what we actually are. Because of these reasons, the emotional odontology has been born, it is the last trend in healthcare and beauty and it has conquered already hundreds of people and also celebrities all around the world.

La odontología emocional se sirve de la última tecnología para crear sonrisas 'A la carta'
The application of the emotional intelligence to the odontology.

Emotional odontology is a new style of the understanding of the treatment, where the dentist is much more than just a doctor, searching emotions and the objective is no other than reaching the highest level of satisfaction of each patient and all based on the smile design or Smydesign. It consists basically in the application of the emotional intelligence to the odontology, forgetting the old concept of a traditional clinic, just to make the patient live a whole new and unique experience and loose the fear to dentistry treatments.

It is already possible to know how our perfect smile will look like, even before starting the treatment thanks to SmyDesign. It allows the recreation of the final result in the mouth, so that, it isn´t just about watching it, but feeling and experiencing the new smile and how it will look, after only a couple of months. This is a reality because of the exhaustive study made about each patient and the use of the last 3D technology, a process which includes, X-rays, intraoral scanner, pictures and videos to make possible the right analysis and planning of each case. Any person can reach the dreamed smile and enjoy all the benefits coming with it thanks to this innovative smile design.

Sonrisas perfectas. Foto: Smycenter
Perfect smiles. Photo: Smycenter

Hundreds of studies have been made about the importance of the smile and all of them conclude saying that people with an attractive smile are perceived as nicer, successful and even like a role model. The smile plays a key aspect in both personally and professionally, that’s the reason why it is necessary to take care of it.

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