Dental Sensitivity, Main Cause of Toothache

We all know it and, almost 100% sure we have been through it at least once.

Doctor Jorge Escobar. 03/02/2016
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Dental sensitivity is that annoying pricking or cramp pain we feel when taking too cold or too hot substances, take hits, pressure or an intense strength. That pain we perceive, comes from the internal part of our teeth, it is because for different reasons, they have been more exposed so that, they become more sensitive and vulnerable to external stimuli.

Di 'No' a la sensibilidad dental. Es muy fácil conseguirlo
Tooth sensitivity is very common

It is one of the most common oral problems according to the last SEPA’s study; approximately the 25% of the adult population suffers it. This section of population tends to have more worn enamel due to their age. Dental sensitivity is not considered a severe problem, nevertheless, it is annoying in a day a day basis, making difficult (when it is at an acute state) to make daily and simple acts like drink water or eat. For this reason, and not being a severe pathology as we mentioned before, it is necessary to have it under control, avoiding it to derivate in other illnesses that could end up being severe like periodontitis or gingivitis.

Evita los alimentos demasiado dulces para unos dientes más fuertes
Avoid sweet foods

A correct tooth brushing all over the surface, applying just the necessary strength and never exceeding it, will help to prevent sensitivity.  Moreover, we should avoid acid or rich in sugar food and drinks like citric or sweet juices, which are so abrasive to our teeth and even more aggressive to their enamel, these are some simple things you can follow in your day a day and they will help you to prevent dental sensitivity or to have it controlled.

On the other hand, in those cases where it is already there and we need to palliate the pain, there are a big amount of products in the market that are indicated to treat it, such as mouth washers and tooth paste that act enforcing the enamel and the dentine, helping to inhibit the dental nerves’ transmission that cause the pain.

Un correcto cepillado ayudará a mejorar el problema
Proper brushing will help improve the problem

Odontology treatments, like orthodontics and whitening, also encourage the emergence of dental sensitivity. The abuse of abrasive chemical substances used in these sorts of procedures to whiten the enamel, or the gradual strengths used in orthodontics treatments, provoking greatly our teeth to be more sensitive. Because of that, every time you decide to go through one of those treatments, it is convenient to do it under a professional control and advice.

Los blanqueamientos pueden hacer que padezcas hipersensibilidad. Consulta a tu dentista siempre
The bleaching may cause hypersensitivity.

As a conclusion, we can say that if you didn’t suffer dental sensitivity yet, consider yourself so lucky and if it appears any time, don’t be scared, it has solution and with the right habits it can be fixed and prevented.

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