Everything You Should Know About Dental Tartar?

One of the most common visits to the dentist is related to yellow teeth.

Marisa Nufrio. 22/06/2016

A lot of people want to whiten their teeth or at least find out why they have that non visual aesthetic tone. Causes can be very different, but most of the times are a consequence of tartar due to a not enough oral hygieneTartar is one of the most common problems that affect our teeth. It is the accumulation of plaque that hardens due to the amount of minerals on top of it. 

Consigue una sonrisa perfecta y sin sarro
Get a perfect smile

There are two types of tartar depending on its location: supragingival tartar, when it is located on the line of the gum or subgingival tartar, when it is located under it. Sometimes it is confused with bacterial plaque, because they are much related. Plaque is a mixture of food waste, saliva and microorganisms that at first aren’t visible and it is to get rid of it through the brushing.

Jennifer Aniston presume de sonrisa 10
Jennifer Aniston boasts smile

Tartar, however, appears when that plaque starts to accumulate and it isn’t possible to eliminate it with the brush. This can be the origin of a lot of infections around the gum or even, in severe cases, it can mean the apparition of periodontal illnesses like gingivitis or even the loose of dental pieces.

Un buen cepillado es clave para una buena higiene bucal
A good brushing is key to good oral hygiene

To enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile it is important to have it under control, keeping our teeth clean and healthy, and preventing always through a good tooth brushing following these tips:

  1. Choose a tooth brush with soft or medium bristles, hard ones can damage gums. Alwayschangeitevery 3 – 4 months.
  2. Use a technique based in circular movements in the internal and external side of the teeth.
  3. Brush your teeth at least 3 times a day and dedicate at least 2 minutes on each one.
  4. Use dental floss because with it you can reach areas that the brush can’t, getting rid of food waste that can get stacked in between teeth.
  5. Use oral washers but never use the too much.
Usa un cepillo de cerdas suaves o medias
Use a brush with soft bristles or medium

In case you already have it, don’t worry, there is a solution. Visit your dentist to get a deep professional cleaning to solve the problem. However, we shouldn’t forget that visiting our dentist in a regular basis is a must if we want to show a beautiful smile.

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