Find out Which Kind of Food Can Damage Your Smile

Some foods can produce tooth decay or cause stains on teeth.

Marisa Nufrio. 23/03/2016

Start Easter, those days that most of us take to relax and disconnect, also in our eating habits. For this reason, today we want to talk about some sort of food that we have to keep in mind because if we take them too much it can be damaging for our smile.

Los cítricos pueden causar problemas en el esmalte dental
The intake of food high in acids can wear the enamel of our teeth

Citric and acid foods. The intake of food high in acids can wear the enamel of our teeth and make them vulnerable to suffer from caries and dental hypersensitivity. Moreover, they can also irritate injuries we may have in our mouth so we recommend to drink a lot of water after taking them to neutralize the acidity.

El café y el té pueden provocar manchas en los dientes
Coffee and tea can provoke changing the colour of our smile

Coffee and tea. Its excess consumption can provoke stains in our teeth’s enamel, changing the colour of our smile. Moreover, they increase stress, one of the risk factors for gum’s illness. 

Las bebidas alcohólicas hacen que produzcamos menos saliva
Alcohol produces dehydration

Alcoholic drinks. Alcohol produces dehydration and decreases the production of saliva. But even more, if we consume it excessively and we combine it with tobacco, the possibilities of oral cancer increases remarkably.

Nueces 1
Dried fruits feeds the bacteria in our mouth

Dried fruits. Natural fruits are good however its dried version is sticky and rich in sugars. The sugar they contain, feed the bacteria in our mouth which can cause dental wear and their sticky effect make them to remain more time in between teeth. If you take them, don’t forget to rinse your mouth with water after that, brush your teeth and use dental floss.

Las bebidas gaseosas pueden producir caries
Soft drinks can cause tooth decay

Soft drinks. Sugared drinks contain not only sugar but also phosphoric acid that attacks the calcium of our teeth making them weak. Furthermore if we take them regularly, bacterial plaque starts to use that sugar to produce acids to attack the enamel. We recommend you to counteract them with water.

Chew hard substances can damage the enamel

Chew ice is a much extended habit and some people even consider it good for our teeth, when of course it isn’t. Despite it is just made with water and it doesn’t contain sugar or other additives, chew hard substances can damage the enamel so we should avoid it.

Swe 1
Try to moderate the consumption of sweets

It is well known that eating too many sweets can provoke caries due to the big amount of sugar they content. Besides, if we decide to chew them we can face a broken or fissured tooth. Try to moderate its consumption, but even more, do not chew them. 

Nos encantan los huevos de Pascua, pero no en exceso
The chocolate contains a high level of sugar

Easter eggs are a classic during Easter period and we all love them. Also, it has been scientifically demonstrated that it makes us happier. Despite, we shouldn’t forget that chocolate contains a high level of sugar so we should take it moderately.

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