How a smile can stylize your face

Marisa Nufrio. 05/10/2016

It’s not a secret that the smile is one of the most remarkable elements of the face. Whether it is pretty as if it is not, it acts as a focus of attention and can be the differential value when it comes to recognize a person. In addition, a healthy mouth avoids possible problems elsewhere in the body, since teeth influence in many other aspects.

Lucir una sonrisa perfecta es más fácil que nunca
Show off a perfect smile is easier than ever

The morphology of the face is affected by the position of the bones, muscles, and the teeth. Each of these elements works within the set, so what we look for when retouch a part of it, is to get all of them to be in perfect harmony and proportionality, although there may be something minimally highlighted.

Cuidar nuestra salud dental es fundamental para evitar problemas en cualquier parte del cuerpo
Watch your smile to improve your health

The mouth, along with the eyes, is the mobile area of the face that most draws the attention of the people, makes that consideration beyond the area where the teeth are. Dentists take into account facial profile, lips, face to front level and, of course, the smile with their respective dental pieces.

La sonrisa hace cambiar nuestro rostro
A nice smile changes your face

It is about reaching a facial balance from the beauty and health’s point of view. Here comes into play the width of the mouth and the position of the teeth. We will have to know if there is macrodoncia, i.e., a very obvious discrepancy between the sizes of the teeth. In this sense, for example, having long teeth gives a longer face appearance, while flanged teeth produce a sense of wider face.

La simetría facial no existe
The facial symmetry as such doesn’t exist

As for the front face assessment, harmony will be the distance between eyes and the lines of the face. The facial symmetry as such doesn’t exist in most of them people, but it can get that the interdental line to be parallel to the half line of the face. In fact, this is the most recommended. It will also be essential to classify the smile based on the position of the teeth not to make mistakes that could jeopardize the main function of the mouth.

La tecnología se pone al servicio de la odontología
The technology is at the service of dentistry

From this comes the importance of considering each of the details of the mouth and go to the best experts and professionals when it comes to opting for braces or other dental treatments. Specialists take into account properties such as size or shape making sure dental parts are arranged properly to enhance the factions and stylize the face.

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