Look after the smile of your children

The best way to enjoy a nice smile is to teach them healthy habits since the childhood.

Doctor Jorge Escobar. 02/09/2015
Es importante cuidar la sonrisa en la etapa adolescente

Orthodontists are issuing alerts about a bizarre new online trend: do-it-yourself braces. The American Association of Orthodontists is so distressed by the idea of DIY braces that the organization put out a PSA warning video about the dangers of trying to straighten your own teeth. The increasingly-popular gap band trend sees young people tying small, cheap hair elastics around their teeth in an effort to close the gaps between them.

A dysthemia is a gap between teeth. It usually appears in the upper front teeth, known as central. Diastema can be caused because of a difference in the size of the teeth, the lack of any of them or because the labial frenulum (the tissue from the inside of the lip to the gum) is too big. Why we are talking today about this? Because a trend growing in popularity in recent months sees young people using cheap elastic bands to try and straighten their teeth.

Las ortodoncias deben ponerse por manos profesionales
The braces should be made by professional hands

This is especially a concern for young people, whose insecurities about their looks are seeing some resort to a dangerous short cut in order to achieve perfect straight teeth. Diastema could cause permanent damage to their gums and even result in their teeth falling out. Also to provokes several oral problems like gum injuries, the probability of getting caries is higher, bacterial plaque and a periodontal illness can also appear just because food get stuck easily and it is harder to keep a good oral hygiene.

Adolescents are an important reference group, it is in this age range when major dental-maxillary develop variations and identity that define an attitude toward oral health in the future. Now that summer is over and the classes are coming it is advisable go to your dentist. Children wil start the school year with a healthy smile. Also to with good habits. Which ones?: brush after every meal, avoid eating between hours, a balanced and varied diet, reducing consumption of sugars and continue going to the dentist regularly for professional cleanings and reviews every year.

Los adolescentes cada vez comienzan antes a fumar
Teenagers start now smoking very earlier

Not only does this habit plays a key role. There are other factors to consider:

  • Teenagers start now smoking very earlier. The latest data indicate that 14.5% of Spanish adolescents aged 11 to 18 smoked daily. This harmful habit has consequences on their teeth: tartar buildup, stains, bad breath or worse, can cause oral cancer.
  • The eating disorder. It is a complex age at which children can develop this disorder. Try to give included a balanced diet with foods from all five groups. Choose nutritious, such as cheese, raw vegetables, yogurt or fruit foods to prevent them from decay, enamel wear or other periodontal diseases.

Remember that prevention is the key. Looking after the smile of your children has benefits on health that will last throughout their adult life.

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